Oct 17, 2008

Great ENDORSEMENTS for Obama/Biden...yes we can!

I feel genuinely hopeful.


I feel as hopeful as when I was a teenager and John Kennedy was running for President.

Please God. One more time. One more opportunity to revisit Camelot and embrace diversity! One more time to say YES WE CAN! One more time to feel good about everyones American dream.

UPDATE: 61 Newspaper ENDORSEMENTS for Barack Obama
16 Newspaper ENDORSEMENTS for John McCain


It´s time for CHANGE and for LEADERSHIP we can believe in...it´s also time for CHANGE to save America from Dominionist extremists/others, to restore our OUR WORLDWIDE INTEGRITY and address our NATIONAL UNITY/HUMAN DIGITY. It´s time to pray for HUMILITY, COLLECTIVE EMOTIONAL STABILITY and SOLID ECONOMIC SECURITY...it´s time to remember that AUTHENTIC PATRIOTISM is much more enriching than the last eight years of immoral Yale Cheerleading DECAY. It´s time to kick the FEAR/HATE-MONGERING GREEDY BUMS out of office and take responsiblity for repairing the harm they have done to our Nation and to each one of us individually.

It´s time to say NO to foreign disruptive/thieving religious bigots who instigate hate crimes and sometimes export their ignorant messages of secondrate selective Scriptural HATE to the United States.

It´s time to face the discriminating against fellow citizens and address the out-of-control bigotry promoted by religions who inspire FEAR as they attempt to take over the State...it´s time to learn how to be part of REALITY, get RIGHTSIZED, not righteous, and strive to be of service to one another and to embrace...it´s time to make peace with ALL of mankind! It´s time to make Peace (again) and NOT WAR.

It´s time to learn how to ¨Love thy neighbor¨ all of them.

America, the land of the free must be restored to her authentic INTEGRITY!

Lord hear my prayer

BREAKING NEWS SUNDAY MORNING: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for PRESIDENT on Meet the Press this morning.


Barack Obama 61
John McCain 16

Thanks to The Progressive Curmudgeon

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Anonymous said...

Me too, LR. But there is a hesitancy in me. I'm afraid of being disappointed again. (And I hope the Secret Service has their act together. I really do.)

Amen anyway.

Leslie Littlefield said...

Your posts are wonderful. I enjoy them so much. I am praying hard that Obama will win this election. It has taken me awhile to get over the fact that Hillary did not get the nomination, but it is time to get behind Obama with everything we have and get him elected.
It is such a wonderful time to be raising a 12 year old daughter, and explaining all the progress that this country has made with the kinds of bright Dems that are running for office.
We came home from school the other day and our neighbors had a Yes on 8 sign in their yard. My daughter blew up. She loves and values our gay friends and she was furious. I was so happy to see her reaction, and said a silent prayer of thanks that she was becoming the loving and compassionate soul that I want her to be.
Many blessings to you...

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Good Morning Leslie,

Here I sit in Central America during a rainstorm but feeling all cozy and happy because you visited my blog and shared what you just shared. Leslie..I too feel positive about OUR future...everyones future, your daughters future and my niece and nephews, and their kids and NOW one of their kids kid...it´s amazing, they are all Democrats and live in Northern California and ALL will be voting in November (well, not the little ones)...my sister and her husband, their parents, are Fundamentalist Christians/Republicans and somehow their ¨message¨of exclusion and ¨difference¨ didn´t get passed down...no soap, no deal, I too am delighted with their innermost responses.

Thank you Leslie, you´ve added much to my day and I wish you well always...visit often, I´m very fond of you and that stimulates my being.

Leslie Littlefield said...

Well, I am so happy to have made your day Leonardo. Let's keep praying for the fundamentalists. Perhaps God will be successful in opening their minds and hearts. I have a few in my family as well.
Much Love,

Lynn said...

Whoa, the Trib? A Democrat, even a native son? I had to go and read what they wrote...I'll share:

"Many Americans say they're uneasy about Obama. He's pretty new to them.

We can provide some assurance.We have known Obama since he entered politics a dozen years ago. We have watched him, worked with him, argued with him as he rose from an effective state senator to an inspiring U.S. senator to the Democratic Party's nominee for president."

This is the first time the Trib has endorsed a Democratic candidate for President. Cool.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Lynn, thanks, this is even BETTER news than I realized!

I saw on CNN INTERNATIONAL this evening that McCain isn´t popular with Republicans but PALIN is! Now, how could this be? Just how bad off has the Republican party become...what kind of intelligent person could be enthusiastic about Palin?

Baffled in Central America