Oct 4, 2008

Unfortunately: It's NOT time to "move away from the human sexuality issue"

Dear Friends or Not,

How I wish that finally we finished with the many issues/discussions and feardriven ugly behavior surrounding human sexuality at TEC/Anglican Communion. I believe Human Sexuality is amongst the most important and greatest breakthrough ministry opportunities for "loving OUR neighbors" of this age. Do you believe in Human Rights, justice and personal integrity?

When I think of the LGBT People who are the victims of everyday crimes of hate, both in the Western Hemisphere and worldwide, I cry-out inside...do you?

Please, NO MORE LIES! NO MORE FEAR/HATE-mongering, no more cowardly bigoted being. Never do I/we want to read or see again how LGBT people have been thrown out of their families, or imprisoned, or tortured/beaten, demoralized/demonized and trashed because of their sexuality...do we?

Yesterday, in London, yet more hate crimes were committed THIS WEEK because of fear/hate and bigotry...religious persecution and/or demented thugs wandering streets looking to brutalize/kill Fags...you don't approve of murdering Fags do you?

What kind of a Christian family does a LGBT child/young-person grow up in when he/she is compelled to kill themselves because of the shame and blame of being able to face Gods TRUTH of being Gay? Do you want LGBT Christian/other children to commit suicide?

What kind of tainted religious leadership/organization preaches on the subject of being "sexually infested" by white foreigners with Homosexuality? Spouting off about Homosexuality being "contagious and is imported" (although apparently "running rampant" at Ugandan National Schools amongst Ugandans with little/no outside contact with foreigners)...do you believe LIES about LGBT Christians preached at Church/beyond?

What kind of a African Anglican Bishop campaigns (open and secretly) for a five to sixteen year jail sentences for LGBT Christians/others, their families, their friends who GATHER IN PUBLIC or form their own Church? What kind of despotic and deadly Anglican Archbishop preaches/pontificates about LGBT people being lower than pigs and the children of LGBT people are HOOLIGANS? I'll tell you what kind...a abusive/ignorant old man with grandiose dreams of his own "righteous" holiness, that's who. A murderer who thinks he's a saint! Do you think this is saintly behavior?

What kind of religious/political JUNKTALK must we continue to listen to silently while reading handlettered signs that say FAGS BURN IN HELL, or GOD HATES FAGS?

No, the very idea that we "move beyond the human sexuality issue" is premature.

Personal "wellness" is a very fortunate choice of "mission." Especially when everyone is included in the spiritual healing quest...the demoralizing, abominating and marginalizing/demeaning and OUTCASTING of LGBT Christians/others throughout the world at CHURCH won't help us serve God by serving one another and promoting Gods spiritually sound Commandments at Church.

IF we keep facing HEAD ON the ugliness that surrounds us and keep sharing our personal and Godgiven everyday experiences and TRUTH we will heal. God will be glad (I believe)...we must continue to stop being "annoyed" because defending truth is sometimes difficult, messy or embarrassing. Sissyphobia and Butchyphobia must be addressed if one struggles with the "ick" factor (or worse hides in the closet because of it)...then there is HOMOPHOBIA. Are you homophobic? If so, you can find the help you NEED at The Episcopal Church...because, The Episcopal Church welcomes everyone. Everyone means everyone and HOMOPHOBES are welcome too.

Thanks be to God


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--I hope we will always fight the good fight for justice and inclusion for all of God's creation.

Even when we win, we don't totally win because there will still be people out there who want to continue to demoralize, demean and exclude. Their tiny egos demand red meat to prove their self worth. We can only pray that one day they will let God be in charge of their lives.

Father T has a clip up of a speech by the PB which is pretty good. But I could still wish she would say "done" to ABC and as the Fanglican World Churns. Zero tolerance for their bigotry would be a good, healthy thing.

Fred Schwartz said...

It is my belief that the manner by which one builds one self-esteem is critical to how one looks at the world. In the instant case, some, many build themselves up by tearing others down. We see this on a daily basis in the area of LGBT rights. I find this technique to be in play with adolescents and when I see it ai stop it right then and there. It is incredibly destructive -- as we have seen.
What amazes me Leonardo, is the compassion and the extension of love you have for everyone, particularly in his area.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Missing you. Things have been a little nuts around here and I haven't been checking the blog sphere too regularly. Hope you are just off having a wonderful, grand time somewhere and nothing untoward is happening at the foot of the volcano.