Oct 18, 2008

St. Luke and Padre Mickey AWAKEN the artist inside of me!

This morning when reading Padre Mickey´s account of the life of St. Luke I was attracted to this message:

¨A tradition that Luke was a painter seems to have no basis in fact. Several images of Mary appeared in later centuries claiming him as a painter but these claims were proved false. Because of this tradition, however, he is considered a patron of painters of pictures and is often portrayed as painting pictures of Mary. One of the Eastern Orthodox websites I visited claimed that St. Luke was the first to paint an icon, that of the Blessed Virigin Mary.¨

and later:

¨What would Christmas be like without Luke’s story of the shepherds and the angelic choir? His story of the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost has always been an inspiration. And what would Evening Prayer be like without the beauty of the Magnificat? Luke was instrumental in helping spread the word, helping spread the Good News, that forgiveness of sins and the coming of the Reign of God is available to all, and that is why we remember St. Luke today.¨

Both Saint Luke and Padre Mickey painted a very vivid living picture directly into my sometimes overly imaginative and creative life today...Thank you, I loved it...as Fred S. would say, ¨Wowzer!¨

Feast of St. Luke, Evangelist and Martyr, click here and read it all:


Lynn said...

Are you planning something special for Christmas? It seems like the appropriate season for iconography, Leonardo-style.

Greetings, my friend. Sorry I haven't been by much, big happenin's in Virginia these days.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Lynn...I´m currently working on a project that is already paid for...yikes, I must finish it before Christmas...it´s Saint Michael the Archangel..or at least his upper torso...the San Miguel that inspired this commission is 6´ tall and 4´wide and is quite powerful...now, making a 3´x 3´ Archangel as POWERFUL is quite a challenge...but, as it turns out, it´s all in the eyes!

Happy Sunday, great news from Virginia this morning at your Christ Church!