Oct 2, 2008

Sorry Sarah: It's about wisdom, depth, on-the-ground experience, hope, and the ABILITY to serve us through TWO wars and ONE recession!

The Obama/Biden team will move strongly forward:

Senator Barack Obama, Democratic Party Presidential Candidate

Senator Joe Biden, Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate

Dear Governor Palin,

Enthusiastic clammouring is not compelling nor is wishful/wistful, dodgy, inexperienced, assuming, presumptious and RECESSION avoiding chatterbox debating...Sarah, you didn't promote your quest to become the Vice President of The United States...sorry, you're in way over your head and deflecting difficult questions/answers to key subjects won't help you face discussing/forming the needed "solutions" when they must come...nice to meet you, good luck up in Alaska, but McCain needs more than he's "got" and more than you've got to "give" him...perhaps you can coordinate a worldwide Equal-Human Rights campaign for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered people, for your "close friends"...that may help keep your "tolerance" and "understanding of social issues" ideals/level much closer to REALITY as you grow up emotionally/spiritually...start with Nigeria and Uganda...they are two countries where you will find great training for facing BIGOTRY, discrimination and persecution in the face of DEADLY corruption living side-by-side with self-righteous religiosity...they might be "convinced" to see things differently with your winning smile, puritan heart and well intentioned desire to be "tolerant" of your fellow human beings.

Governor Palin and husband Todd of Alaska.

Obama/Biden continue to be the FRONTRUNNERS in the campaign for President and Vice President of The United States of America! VOTE November 4, 2008!


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--I thought she ducked all of the important questions (her pasted on McCain twin smirk firmly in place). And heaven only knows what all the winking was about.

I was disappointed in both Biden and Palin's answer to supporting same gender marriage. Also I thought she ducked the question on the civil rights issues. Biden at least clearly stated that all Americans are entitled to the same benefits.

Lynn said...

Since I can't comment on Gov. Palin's lipstick, I will note that she made quite an error with that cheek contouring in daylight.

Cany said...

Yeah, Bonnie. I agree. Obama/McCain are wrong on the marriage issue, period.

Lynn, I had to laugh about that (quietly) as well.

I think the two things that REALLY stood out for me were these:

1. Her statement about not answering the questions because she wanted to talk straight (remember, McCain is the mirrored "stright talk" express kinda guy). Can't answer? Okay. SHE told the debater what she was going to do. She refused to go along with the term of the debate. Hardly shocking given she cannot answer questions.

2. Her statement about the vice presidency sent hackles up my neck. He is the neo con's, neo con.

Fred Schwartz said...

The vice president as president pro tem of the senate is just he position she needs -- As a governor with all that experience I believe it will take her about 3 and one-half years just to find the right place to go.

Bonnie said...

Hi cany--I left you a comment on your blog. Your assessment was so right on. However, the blog seems to have eaten the comment. ????

Fred and Lynn--Appreciate chuckles.

Someone sent us a clip from the Bush/Gore debate and some of her comments were almost word for word quotes from that debate. She didn't distance herself very far from the Bush camp.