Oct 11, 2008

NATURAL RESOURCES: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Padre Mickey, Fr. Jake/Terry, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and friends like YOU!

Trust continues to grow in my garden today. photo: Leonardo Ricardo

As the days turn into short weeks before the election of the next President and Vice President of The United States of America I become more in awe of the miracles of pro-humanity that are growing/blossoming like my innergarden (pictured above). After a very RAINY SEASON flowers of HOPE are revealing themselves each day before us as each of us become more aware of ACTUAL REALITY and the fact that both God and Nature are taking their course.

The past eight+ years have been a time when many encouraged the playing of PRETEND and the destruction of much of the great natural beauty that surrounds us. Did you notice the abusive outspokeness, the demanding, the insisting and the not-so-attractive fear, anger and prejudice/persecuting and killing? All exposed in FULL VIEW this past decade. Have you recently glimpsed/heard the last fading cries of self-righteousness/greed and the visciously driven FEAR campaign that *things* OUGHT be different than they REALLY are? Do you think that living in the REAL may cause heartattacks, dementia, additional wars, civil unrest, rioting, thieving, betrayal and more insane acting out after everyone gains on clarity after November 4th? Maybe not, maybe everyone will start snapping out of the bewilderment of *it* and maybe each person will start taking responsibility for their own character/actions/sins and destructive habits that harm the planet and OUR NEIGHBOR.

Just a whirlwind of years ago people sometimes acknowledged, their innermost disgust for Non-Protestants, Non-Christians/others, Non-Whites but rarely mentioned their LGBT Christian neighbors, family and/or friends (sort of like ignoring the drunk/insane old maiden aunt in the attic who was drinking herself to death)...however, NOW, many ¨family values¨ extremists include excluding/banishing and demonizing ¨family¨members who were previously simply ignored, giggled about or sneared at before. Meanwhile, the not-so-secret, longing for riches, fame, second home/mansions, insured and/or eternally guaranteed financial security, Ponce de Leon syndrom/healthcare and/or insured bliss in the beyond (it´s hard to figure out which is most important to the clammouring seekers of imagined greatness and wealth/righteousness as the PURE zealots think of themselves as ¨patriotic¨ Americans in all they attack, exploit and slander). Simultaneously the ABOMINATING of others took on semi-popular dimensions amongst bigots who in reality have become further terrorfied, weakened, exposed and which has added some religious MADNESS to their general loathing of Gods REAL Creation! Many fanatics aren´t happy with blowing up their own defective egos...they wish to blow EVERYONE up with bombs to prove their rightness desperation is the REAL thing! Some Biblebanging/Selective Scriptural windbags instigate CRIMES OF HATE while preaching and pontificating about a God who needs NO DEFENSE! A God that Commands us to LOVE THY NEIGHBOR!

Guess what? The negative, hatefilled, preaching is more waste filled junktalk laced with more self-deceiving/promoting that is driven by fear/hate, greed and ignorance...a fear/hate that won´t FIX or change fate!

Meanwhile back in my innermost garden of earthly delights, I´ve just finished having a lovely Saturday afternoon lunch that included Beef Tederloin filets, Herb/Spiceycheese seasoned potatos, Corn of the Cobb and Chocolate Sundae for desert. It´s a lovely day today and I once again feel assured and comfortable with the TRUTH that God will continue to do for me what I can not, or sometimes will not, do for myself...it´s the In God We Trust part/factor/test...trust God.

Lord hear my prayer


Cany said...

This is a fabulous post, Leonardo, and that Photo is just to die for! It is absolutely gorgeous!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...


Mike in Texas said...

I have lust in my heart for your garden. Wow! (I'm a tropical plant nut.)

FranIAm said...

Loving the new look mi querido. Wow- your lush garden, our lush garden of life.

No matter what these f*cktard GOP people say or do, we will always grow and flourish.

This post was a pure delight to read.

Abrazos y besitos!!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

we will always grow and flourish. Franyouare

YES! Isn´t amazing...the purified zealots seem to fade in the light of day! Makes one think they must simply do better in the dark...makes sense to me.