Oct 15, 2008

A WORD OF CAUTION REGARDING POISON: From a trusted/brilliant off duty Priest!


¨Remember, it was the Republican Party that was always flappin' their lips about "the Free Market" and "Let the Market police itself" and Iraq has WMDs "Regulation kills initiative." They got their way for eight years and destroyed the economy. This started with the Reagan administration. Republicans and Republican economic policies are bad for the economy. Let me repeat: REPUBLICANS AND REPUBLICAN ECONOMIC POLICIES ARE BAD FOR THE ECONOMY. And amazingly enough, McCain wants to give the most wealthy people ANOTHER EFFIN' TAX CUT!!!! Clinton built up a surplus by TAXING THOSE BASTIDS and that will work.¨

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Anonymous said...

Have I told you how much I love and value you lately?

Grandmère Mimi said...

Think where Social Security would be today, if its recipients were invested in the free market.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I know it...while that dimwitted President was yammering about ¨collecting political capital¨ by changing Social Security, all the really smart people sensed his idea was not a good idea...by half way through the two terms most Americans knew the man couldn´t be trusted...we were trapped in the secondrate ugliness of our own selecting/electing.