Jan 16, 2012

THE NO ANGLICAN COVENANT BRIGADE SENDS IN THE DREADED FINAL OPTION: ¨The Dowager Countess of Grantham Invites the Primate to Tea¨ Lay Anglicana

¨The No Anglican Covenant Brigade, in an attempt to halt the Covenant juggernaut, has tried reasoned analysis, expostulation, satire and mockery. This blog alone has invoked, inter alia, Cassandra, Elizabeth I, Trollope and inter-galactic law. Though some members have been tempted, the group has not yet resorted to sabotage or blackmail. Although the time may yet come for the dreadful final option of the Charge of the NAC Brigade, there remains another possibility.

Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury ought ¨quake in his shoes¨

It is time to send in a Great British Battleaxe. Surely even Archbishop Rowan would quake in his shoes if faced with one of these in full sail? Margaret Thatcher in her prime perhaps? But no real woman can truly match the great battleaxes of fiction: Mrs Proudie, Lady Bracknell, Lady Catherine de Bourgh or, her latest triumphant incarnation, Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham, the real star of Julian Fellowes’ latest entertainment, Downton Abbey

From this impressive list, let us choose the Dowager Countess for this important role. She is so clearly a woman of unshakeable self-confidence, at her prime in the Edwardian era when her class was at its most supremely confident. After many years of practice in bending the local clergy to her will, (as is apparent from this scene requiring her to persuade the vicar to perform what he regards a dubious marriage), she is surely as ready as anyone to take on the Archbishop...¨  please see, read, hear and enjoy it all, by Lay Anglicana, HERE

Elizabeth I has been ¨involked¨ by Lay Anglicana

·  Thanks to Lay Anglicana, HERE
·  Thanks to No Anglican Covenant Coalition (Brigade), HERE


Laura Sykes said...

Thank-you Leonardo. I hope your readers enjoy this small explosion from Old Hampshire!

Leonard said...

It´s so amusing, at least to me it is, that ¨my readers¨ don´t comment much but my readership has doubled in most recent times-- it´s probably because Lay Anglicana offers up some fascinating information that must not be missed...by anyone (especially he who is cloaked in righteousness, or just plain olde pride)!

JCF said...

Love DA.

Yes, the DCG could put the smack-down on the ABC!