Mar 28, 2011

THE WORST HOMOPHOBIA: Using God and the Bible to justify one´s own dysfunctions and hatred

¨Preoccupation with Gays and same-sex activities usually denotes emotional/sexual dysfunction; discrimination against LGBT people usually denotes both emotional/sexual dysfunction and the harboring of hatred that causes the suffering, suicides, assaults, and murders of LGBT people!

And of all types of homophobia, religiously based homophobia is the worst, as the appeal to God and to the Bible are used as seeming justifications for the externalization of one's own dysfunctions and hatred.

All homophobes have blood on their hands, and out of all of them homophobic clergy are the worst of them!

In the case of intellectually and spiritually honest people, studying the issue and talking with LGBT people can cause one to relinquish one's homophobia, but only if these dysfunctions are absent. When emotional/sexual dysfunctions are present, it is often impossible to change the minds of rabid homophobes, regardless of the evidence presented...please read it all, HERE

·  Thanks to The Reverend Dr. Jerry Manker
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