Jan 7, 2013

GANG RAPES/BLACKMAILS LGBT CHRISTIANS IN KENYA: Meanwhile, Archbishop ¨feckless¨ Wabukula ¨slanders¨ celibate Gay Bishops in England as he loses public support at home!

¨Police in Kenya are investigating reports of a gang accused of blackmailing – and in some cases even raping gay men in the African nation.

Identity Kenya reports the gang, made up of around five men and a police officer, has been targeting men who are not open about their sexuality.

The gang operates by luring men to houses in Nairobi, where they are then robbed and in some cases sexually assaulted.

One victim, who is married with a wife, told the paper that the gang demanded money and threatened to release naked photos of him to his wife and colleagues, unless he paid a ransom.
According to the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK), extortion is one of the biggest problems facing the country’s LGBT community...¨ please read it all, HERE

Demonizing/Excluding, Global South/Gafcon pandering, anti-LGBTI Anglican Archbishop Wabukala of Kenya:  

¨The Anglican Church of Kenya has denounced a decision by the Church of England's House of Bishops to allow gay priests to become bishops.

Archbishop Eliud Wabukala yesterday wrote to the Bishops of England saying their move would create further confusion about Anglican moral teachings and make restoring unity to the communion an even greater challenge.

Wabukala sent the letter in his capacity as the chairman of the Global Anglican Future Conference (Gafcon). Gafcon was formed in 2008 as a response to the West's church leadership led by the Archbishop of Canterbury who had invited the Episcopal Church of the USA to attend the Lambeth Conference that year...¨

Attention: Anglican Archbishop Wabukala of KENYA-- Christians ¨losing trust¨ in religious leaders and politicians in Kenya results show three in every 10 Catholics claim not to trust church leaders at all, with the figure being higher among Protestants, at 40 per cent. HERE

¨...I cannot think of a bigger social stigma issue and one that automatically qualifies one for social exclusion in Kenya than being a member of the LGBTI community, and if I can do it so can everybody else.¨  Gay Kenyan candidate for the Senate, David Kuria, HERE

Nairobi — Anglican Church leaders, just like politicians, have lost the trust of Kenyans, a new survey has said.
·Anglican bishops led by Archbishop Eliud Wabukala (seated,2nd left) at the All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi.

·According to the Synovate post-referendum poll, only 19 per cent of those interviewed said they fully trusted Church leaders, compared to 17 per cent who said they fully trusted politicians.

·And it gets worse -- 38 per cent said they don't trust Church leaders at all, a bigger number than the 22 per cent who said they don't trust politicians at all. HERE

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