Jan 18, 2013

GOD LOVES UGANDA: ¨ The most terrifying film of the year.¨

¨Oscar-winning director Roger Ross Williams's newest documentary, God Loves Uganda, premieres today at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival--and it has already been called "the most terrifying film of the year."

The documentary explores the exportation of American evangelical values to Africa, through missionaries who work to teach Ugandans to fight against "sexual immorality" and to believe in and practice Biblical law. The culture of America's Christian right, however, has often translated into disastrous anti-gay laws in Uganda that call for the deaths of gays and lesbians. “In the well-known trope about Africa, a white man journeys into the heart of darkness and finds the mystery of Africa and its unknowable otherness. I, a black man, made that journey and found – America,” Ross Williams has said. “I hope God Loves Uganda helps accelerate the good work of organizations like All Out by helping American Evangelicals understand the negative consequences of some of the deadly lessons imported to Africa by some people of faith. We should be terrified by the results of these actions.” ...read it all, HERE

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