Jan 10, 2013

¨UNENFORCEABLE¨ bedchecks for Gay bishops: Archbishop Okoh, of corrupt/religious war plagued Nigeria, frets openly about the questionable honorability of celibate priests and bishops in the U.K.

Archbishop Nicolas Okoh/Nigeria, Anglican province crossing/double talking Anglican Communion non-healer, common/grandstanding big mouth and irresponsible chronic troublemaker, can´t trust Gay Bishops to keep their celibate hands above the bedcovers at the Church of England. Okoh says it is  ¨unenforceable¨ when checking to see who is having sex with whom (or some´thun like that)!
Leonardo Ricardo 

"The supposed assurances of celibacy, while perhaps well intentioned, are both unworkable and unenforceable,"  Archbishop Okoh,  Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion)

(Reuters) - Senior African Anglican leaders have lined up to denounce the Church of England's decision to allow celibate gay bishops, warning it would only widen the divisions within the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh of Nigeria, effectively the largest province in the Communion, said such reforms "could very well shatter whatever hopes we had for healing and reconciliation within our beloved Communion."

His comments on Wednesday followed similar denunciations on Monday by Ugandan Archbishop Stanley Ntagali and Archbishop Eliud Wabukala of Kenya, who is also head of the Gafcon group of traditionalist Anglican primates opposed to gay clergy...¨  don´t miss a word, HERE

Nigeria: Gay Bishop - Anglican Church in Nigeria Threatens to Breakaway
From Nigeria-

The Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion has threatened to breakaway from the Church of England over the decision of the later to drop opposition to gay bishops in civil partnerships. HERE

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