Jan 12, 2013

Leviticus Lie Detector Tests Required: The Most Sacred Primates and Overtly Curious Order of GAFCON demand human sexuality *assurances*

No Problema!  Let ALL Anglicans agree the very best solution to the deeply important question of trusting one another on the matter of who has sex with whom at the Anglican Communion be resolved by the GAFCON World Coordinating Office in London. 

I hearby request that the Rt. Reverend Martyn Minns (irregular ordination by Church of Nigeria -- Anglican Communion -- Anglican border crossing opportunists for Christ)* install a ¨Leviticus Lie Down With Others¨  truth detecting machine.  This handy, and reassuring trust building device, must be used on ALL Bishops on a monthly basis like a drug test. 

The sexual ¨abomination detecting machine¨ will also be used on ALL clergy (and later lay people) -- heterosexual, bisexual,
gay, transexual or lesbian included  (celibate or not, ready or not, drunks, addicts, sexslave dealers, wet dreamers, thieves at church, peeping psychopaths, whoremongers, twitching predators, rapists and swappers. Communion wine/sneaker-tipplers, spouse abusers and adulters are included). 

There will be Leviticus Lie Detector observers representing Anglican Mainstream, Integridad de Michocan, Gay Christian Nudist Dudes of Singapore and Lesbians from Downunder, present at all times to help grow trust through brutal and verifiable honesty. Leonardo Ricardo (note to self: cc the pope)

Let the Most Holy Primates and bishops of the Global South go first:

A statement has been issued from the Primates of the Global South of the Anglican Communion:
We, Primates of the Global South of the Anglican Communion, are deeply concerned and worried by the recent decision of the Church of England’s House of Bishops which approves that clergy livingin civil partnerships can be candidates to the episcopate.There is already an ambiguity regarding civil partnerships per se. We learnt that most civil partnerships, according to the Office for National Statistics in the UK, take place among the most sexually active age group. In addition dissolutions of civil partnerships are now increasing especially in the last few years. This puts into question the motives behind this civil partnership and adds to our confusion in the Global South.
When the Church of England allowed civil partnerships in 2005, they said that “The House of Bishops does not regard entering into a civil partnership as intrinsically incompatible with holy orders, provided the person concerned is willing to give assurances to his or her bishop that therelationship is consistent with the standards for the clergy set out in Issues in Human Sexuality.” Now, with allowing candidates for episcopacy to do the same, to whom should they give assurances?

Clarification on this point is needed.¨  (ain´t that the truth)

*GAFCON Global Coordination office would be established in London under the direction of the Rt. Rev’d Martyn Minns, Missionary Bishop of the Church of Nigeria, serving as Deputy Secretary and Executive Director.

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