Jan 14, 2013

ANGLICAN BISHOP RENNIS PONNIAH -- SINGAPORE -- ARE YOU LISTENING? Interpersonal contact with gay people increases acceptance


Interpersonal contact with gay people increases acceptance: Singapore study

by News Editor Fridae, Asia

¨Personally knowing gay men and lesbians – more than seeing gay characters in films and TV shows – has shown to increase positive attitudes and affect acceptance of gay men and lesbians. The results also show a small but significant trend toward greater tolerance of homosexuals in Singapore...¨


¨As was the case in 2005, the 2010 study found that religion is significantly related to attitudes and acceptance. Among the religious groups, freethinkers were the most positive in their attitudes – significantly higher than Christians, Buddhists and Muslims. Irrespective of specific religion, people who are more intrinsically religious – i.e. people who say that religion is integral to their lives – are more likely to have negative attitudes towards homosexuals and are less accepting of them.

Interestingly while Christians had the second lowest ATLG (attitudes) scores, they were more accepting of gay men and lesbians than Buddhists and Muslims.

The study noted that it is possible for people to hold negative attitudes towards homosexuals but accept gay men and lesbians on a more personal level, whether as co-workers or friends, regardless of whether they perceive homosexuality to be a choice. The researchers suggested that the precise reasons for this could be the subject of future research...¨

Please, read it all: http://www.fridae.asia/newsfeatures/2013/01/10/12177.interpersonal-contact-with-gay-people-increases-acceptance-singapore-study?n=sec

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