Oct 29, 2011

A NOTE TO DEMEANERS OF LGBT PEOPLE: Please stop living in a world of your own pretend/faking and grief-for-others making.

It´s TRUE, we´ve always been right here next to you!

Dear Heterosexual co-beings,

It´s time! It´s time again that we get something cleared up between us. Just you and me or maybe even we and some of you that make life difficult for LGBT people. If you are troubled by ¨Gay¨ people in your life it may be time to settle down, take a deep breath and stop living in a world of your own pretend/faking and grief-for-others making. We are part of your very own,  personally related, worldwide family of brothers and sisters, friends, coworkers and  we are your everyday loved ones and equal ¨beings¨ who make up your life.  Hark!  We´re here, you´re here and that will never change because nothing has changed except we´re all attempting to live in a world of  responsible reality instead of denial.  No muss, no fuss, relax, we are like you...always have been.

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury practices his sometimes harmless, sometime not, well skilled art of pretend. 

¨BE STRONG, for those who are not. BE VISIBLE, for those who cannot. BE, for yourself and us all. Yes, we are fighting for the right of civil marriage, but it is far more than that. We are also fighting so that the next generation does not have to grow up in shame and live in fear.¨ Fr. Geoff Farrow HERE

· Thanks to Gay Spirit Diary, sidebar
· Thanks to Father Geoff Farrow, sidebar
· Thanks to Josh Thomas, Stonewall ¨Everything Changed¨ Blog entry HERE.

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