Oct 6, 2011

THE 13TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FATAL ATTACK OF EPISCOPALIAN MATTHEW SHEPARD: ¨No person should have to live in fear simply because of who they are¨

Matthew Shepard, R.I.P.
¨Thirteen years ago tonight Matthew Shepard was lured to a rural road, tied up, crucifixion style, pistol whipped then left for dead, simply because he was gay. He wasn't found for nearly a day, still barely alive in the 30 degree weather, the only part of his face not covered by blood was where the tears had streamed down. The attack on Matthew, and his subsequent death a few days later, was a galvanizing moment for the gay community. It was one of only a handful of moments I can think of, in the twenty years that I've been out, that something changed in all of us, nationwide, at a much larger, meta level...¨ please read it all, HERE

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JCF said...

Thanks for remembering this, Leonardo. [Esp. amidst the Jobs-gasm]

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I always feel a special fondness and a dull pain of sadness for Matthew Shepard-- I lost a dear to me person here in much the same way--we´re never far from the reality of bigotry and it´s ugly outcomes, a reality the Tea Party greedster/hatesters don´t seem to get (and neither do irresponsible clergy who do not act on the injustice directed toward all LGBTI innocents throughout the Anglican Communion).

Lord have mercy

Ciss B said...

Thank you for the reminder of how we have to stay vigilant when it comes to rights and freedoms that we all need, and need to respect for all of us.

Bullying and intimidation is so what I see as un-American, and that some people see no problem with it makes me so sick at heart.