Oct 15, 2011

IF YOU ARE GAY, YOU ARE BLESSED BY GOD: ¨You have the capacity to love another human being, and nothing is more sacred or godly than that...¨

¨...The last bastion of the civil rights movement is the stigma and exclusion of gay people from our churches and from our secular society. Yet, they can be seen to be a gift to us from God in that, despite their terrible persecution, many remain steadfast in their loving relationships. Despite all of the barriers set up by Christians and non-Christians alike, many remain in committed relationships.

Being constitutionally gay is not a disorder any more than having brown eyes is a disorder! Most gay people have been born that way and like the old Sunday School saying goes, "God doesn't create junk."

If you're gay, you have been blessed by God in that you are capable of loving another human being. The most dangerous people in the world are those who either have nothing to lose or who are incapable of loving others. There is no reason not to assume that God blesses the monogamous gay couple every bit as much as He blesses the heterosexually married couple...¨  read it all, HERE

· Thanks to the Reverend Dr. Jerry Maneker
· Thanks to A Christian Voice for LGBT Rights, sidebar

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