Oct 10, 2011

LET US PRAY: May the Archbishop of Canterbury continue to condemn ¨lawlessness¨ and ¨mindless and godless violence¨ throughout the Anglican Communion...

Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury in Zimbabwe
...May all Anglicans/others be spared persecution, demonization, physical/emotional abuse, outcasting and discrimination in Nigeria, Uganda, Jamaica, England and beyond!  Amen Leonardo Ricardo

¨I am full of admiration for the personal courage being shown by Rowan Williams in undertaking his current visit to Zimbabwe. Williams stirs mixed feelings in many Christians who hold their faith from quite different perspectives. Many have expressed a sense of frustration, disillusion, sometimes betrayal, a sense that he does not go far enough or conversely acts in ways that are so cautious or expedient as to verge on the pusillanimous.

Those accusation certainly cannot be levelled at him this week. He has ventured into an environment where some have expressed the strongest animosity towards him and shown themselves capable of carrying out violence. He has previously opposed Mugabe and he spoke out strongly against "lawlessness" and the condemnation of "mindless and Godless" violence seen in Zimbabwe. It is admirable that he is prepared to confront Mugabe face to face. Some might say it is naive of Williams to think that any such meeting will achieve anything or foolish that he is not deterred by the very real possibility that Mugabe will turn it to his advantage. Undoubtedly, Mugabe will try to gain some sort of mileage out of the situation, but I am of the opinion that he will find it hard to look anything other than what he is when faced with William's undoubted goodness...¨ read it all, HERE (emphasis added by Leonardo Ricardo)

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