Oct 20, 2011

FROM THE CUBAN GOVERNMENT WITH LOVE: “the current challenges require (...) confronting prejudices and discrimination of all kinds that still persist in society”.

¨Cuban blogger Francisco Rodríguez Cruz Español, Aqui reports that the official papers for the January Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, its first in fourteen years, includes opposition to discrimination against LGBT people.

Cruz says that the document includes two new party objectives:

54. Confront racial, gender, religious, sexual orientation and other prejudices that may generate any form of discrimination or limit people from exercising their rights to, among others, occupy public posts, and participate in the political and mass organizations and in the defense of the country.

65. To reflect in the audiovisual media, the printed and digital press Cuban reality in all its diversity regarding the economic, labor and social situation, gender, skin color, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and territorial origin...¨ HERE

·  Thanks to LGBT Asylum News, sidebar
·  Thanks to Paul Canning
·  Thanks to Francisco Rodríguez Cruz
·  Thanks to the January (2012) Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba 

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