Feb 7, 2012

Tongqi Association and Pink Space Sexuality Research Centre in Beijing: ¨Millions of women married to gay men in China¨

Chinese women married to gay men are often known as "tongqi"meaning "wives of comrades,"
¨According to the state run China Daily quoting a prominent gay rights campaigner, as many as 12 to 16 million women in China may be married to homosexual men.

Zhang Bei-chuan, a medical professor at Qingdao University and an expert on AIDS and HIV, says about 80% of an estimated 16 million gay men in China have either married or are of marrying age. The number of women with gay husbands works out to be about 12 million, he said, given that same-sex marriage is not legal in the country and men face social pressure to marry and have children regardless of their sexual orientation...¨  HERE

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1 comment:

JCF said...

Good heavens, China has (sadly/criminally) TOO FEW women to waste on gay men! :-0

Inasmuch as I can imagine lesbians from ALL OVER wanting to flee to the LGBT-affirming world, most of all I can see it for Chinese and/or Indian lesbians (where the deficit of females must make pressure to marry a man even MORE enormous!)

Then again, maybe those are "beard" marriages, of gay men & lesbians...