Feb 9, 2012

WASHINGTON STATE ¨YES¨ TO GAY MARRIAGE: Home of my heart in the Great Northwest, Land of Beauty, Heavens Best -- Emerald State I love you...*

Gays and Lesbians can now marry in Washington State.
¨Lawmakers in the US state of Washington have passed a bill legalising gay marriage, making Washington the seventh US state to back the measure...¨  HERE

·  Thanks to Counterlight´s Peculiars, HERE
·  Thanks to BBC News
·  Thanks to The Legislature of Washington State
·  Thanks to Democratic Governor Chris Gregoire
·  Thanks to *Blue Monday, A song written by her (when I was a child), honoring Washington State

Thank Washington Governor Chris Gregoire For Making Marriage A Reality HERE


rwattonville said...

More business for lawyers & other marriage-related businesses.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Well, Ron, please remember this is just another stimulus package...you remember them?