Feb 1, 2012

Beloved Beverly Emiko Nakatani Sakai ¨Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory¨

Beverly Emiko Nakatani Sakai, February 1, 2012, Antigua, Sacatapequez, Guatemala, Central America

For all who need comfort, for all who mourn

All those whom we cherished will be reborn

All those whom we love but see no more

They are not perished, but gone before

And Lord keep them safe in your embrace

And fill their souls with your good grace

For now they see you face to face

Where they rest in peace, and rise in glory.
Para todos los que necesitan consuelo, para todos los que llorar

All those whom we cherished will be reborn Todos aquellos a los que va a renacer preciados

All those whom we love but see no more Todos los que amamos, pero no ven más

They are not perished, but gone before Ellos no han perecido, pero ha ido antes

And Lord keep them safe in your embrace Y el Señor mantenerlos a salvo en tu abrazo

And fill their souls with your good grace Y llenar el alma con su buen talante

For now they see you face to face Por ahora te ven cara a cara

Where they rest in peace, and rise in glory Donde descansan en paz, y el aumento de la gloria
Rest in peace and rise in glory 
Beloved Beverly Emiko

Beverly ¨Mom¨ and son Paul
One of my favorite stories that Beverly shared was of Pearl Harbor Sunday...she rushed her little sister home from Sunday School (she didn´t have a house key but knew where one was hidden to unlock and get in on emergencies)...she kept looking up at the sky to see the many airplanes circling about with O´s on their wings...the skies were black with smoke. Beverly´s Mom was a head nurse at Queens Hospital (Queen Anna of holy Anglican memory/history) and working hard to take care of the wounded and critically injured as they entered for care...it always struck me that Beverly was doing the same thing, taking good care of others on that deadly Sunday in Hawaii. A fine family of notable Japanese Americans...they´ve been a positive force in all of our lives for generations.   Leonardo Ricardo/Len

There were three.  They were a trio.  Sons Tom and Paul joined ¨Mom¨ years ago (and she happily joined them as she was a widow).  They first opened a Art Gallery in Hawaii and the three provided all of the much needed skills of good taste, muscle, maticulous accounting, responsible service and vibrant visual presentation that make a business a solid success.
¨Mom¨ amongst the fine art treasurers in the house that Tom and Paul built
Year after year the little ensemble of three traveled to the far corners of the earth in search of original, and authentic, art treasurers for their home and business...they were/are quite the ¨fine art¨ collectors and their home was filled with lovely personal statements of what they cherished and used through out as decor.  In most recent years they became collectors of Maya textiles and learned much about them, their intended use and their evolution into modern day ¨traje¨...their collection of  textiles is amongst the most beautiful and interesting to be found anywhere.

¨Mom¨  was always present amongst them/us at every social function in recent years.  Only in the last year did she begin to slow down and required a little more rest and intensive care...she was clearly amongst the treasures in all of our everyday lives.  Thanks be to God for our dear friend Beverly.

Leonardo Ricardo/Len,  Antigua, Guatemala


JCF said...

Memory eternal.

Elizabeth said...

Our love and prayers to you. We hold you in our hearts as you hold your Mom in your hearts knowing that you are already united for eternity.
May her loving care carry you through the grief and into the light.
Elizabeth y Tomas

motheramelia said...

She sounds like a wonderful woman. May she rest in peace and rise in glory. Are those your works in the picture with her son? If so she really did have good taste.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Amelia, Always a treat to have you here...yes, Beverly was a wonderful person, always happy, always energetic and she loved children, animals (espeically her beautiful cat, Tod) and added so much good-will and friendliness everywhere she went (and she went everywhere and was always on the ¨go¨). We will miss her. Pictured is Beverly and Paul at a party at my house...the 30´x 30´ ¨studio¨ coverts to my ¨sala¨ and ¨comedor¨ (usually buffets because usually there are lots of people)...yes, that is all my art and painted furniture (and sometimes a guest buys a piece which pays for the party)! All is well, she has gone onward for more discoveries and Paul and Tom are coming over here for lunch today...a simple vat of Chili con Carne that we´ve prepared with hot corn tortillas and salad (avocados are in right now and they are huge and lucious). Abrazos, Len P.S. I´ll put up a photo of Beverly in her living room, son Paul is an architect and designed their home which looks over the entire Panchoy Valley.