Feb 10, 2012

DEAD SERIOUS -- FATHER CHRISTIAN TROLL: ¨Feeling sexually attracted to people of your own gender isn´t any more a sin than feeling attracted to people of a different gender.¨

¨Feeling sexually attracted to people of your own gender isn’t any more a sin than feeling attracted to people of a different gender. Despite what some (often very dishonest) Christians claim, being gay, or lesbian, or transgendered, or anywhere in between, doesn’t mean you can’t follow Christ without pretending to be someone you’re not. Nor does God hate your sexuality, and "biblical" arguments to the contrary are exactly the same as those once used to justify obscenities like slavery, as well as idiocies like the idea women shouldn’t vote, drive cars, or operate office typewriters (yep – people really did once use the bible to justify that last one).

If you’ve somehow wandered here from the type of places that want you to believe God doesn’t love you as you are, and you find the idea of walking away from self-hatred and guilt frightening, then – please – remember you’re not alone. A lot of people have been along that path before you, and their journeys are proof that you also can find life and the light of Christ on the other side of “ex-gay” judgmental bitterness.

Anyone wanting support along the way in North America should try contacting Integrity HERE those in Great Britain can get in touch with the wonderful team at Changing Attitude HERE. Or you’re always welcome to email me and I’ll do my best to confidentially find the details of someone in your region. Just please don’t ever buy into the lie that the Pharisees speak for God.

They don’t, and the love for you God revealed in Jesus proves so.¨  please read it all, HERE

‘Fr. C.’

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rwattonville said...

And for those who hold no such religious beliefs, but must deal with the same prejudices, there is myself & others who are available to share the journey out of self-condemnation.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Exactly, thanks Ron.

The Rev. Dr. Christian Troll said...

Thank you Leonardo, and thank you rwattonville. I'll amend my afterword to include a link for those seeking support in a non-religious context.