Feb 27, 2012

Grandmère Mimi to Archbishop Rowan: IF WE PAY, WHY CAN'T WE PLAY?

Rowan Williams, The Archbishop of Canterbury, First Among Equals and more


His Most Grumpy Rowan,  STATWDG
(Smarter Than A Thorned Whip Design Group)

The Department of How Dare You
Lambeth Palace
(Tower Annex)

Grandmère Mimi, aka June Butler (most probably a real heterosexual person, although the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, certainly will NOT recognize any of that type of American Episcopalian/Anglican/other exists), has been asking *questions* (again).  Oh, twadle, oh snuff-box-sniff, oh steak and kidney pie and a off with your head too! This disrespectful act, of *repeated* asking of undesireable *questions* of his Grace (and staff/mass implimentors and other underlings and insignificant others) in itself,  is discouraged at Lambeth Palace!  You certainly must know that already, yet you persist?

When the Archbishop is initiating¨no comment allowed¨ alerts and/or ¨snappy little pro covenant videos¨ (on demand) at his office (daily), nobody, he means nobody/nobody (that would include the English House of Bishops) may ask QUESTIONS!  Fools! Undercrofts!  Fallen Yorkshire Puddings! Harvey Nichols Trendies! Chimney Cleaning Filth!

Bah Humbug, bah bat poop, bah tweezers and wild hair plucking! There is no doubt that the aledged Miss June of Luisiana (of course June is a month and not a proper name at all) has stepped over the frown line and will receive, in all due time of course, a nasty backbite. There may be, in addition, a proper ignoring and/or a free dinner/Bible Study with +Pete Akinola, +Hank Orombi and +Frank Lyons on the shores of Lake Titicaca!  Besides, who asked her anyway?  Everyone, and Rowan Williams means everyone, knows his Godly insistant demands must be met! 

Off with you now, and, please, the rest of you ¨incoherent¨ lame brains from throughout the Anglican Communion, do not read one word   HERE written by the dangerous, word bewitching, no Anglican Covenant trickster and double dealing librarian (she´ll expect everyone of you to learn how to read)! 



Grandmère Mimi said...

Oh Len! Look what you've done! The wrath of Rowan will surely descend on me now.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Not to worry, Mimi! The ABC has been huffing and puffing as hard as he can (and to think the ¨Occupy St. Pauls¨ got removed tonight)...he already *did* New Orleans (our HOB´s), told off Bishops, tormented Bishop Robinson and YOU remained safe! You are truly OUR Iron Lady! We love you and the Jackson Square Monument that you road in on! Bravo, great posting, dear Mimi!

susan s. said...

Very Good, Leonardo! Spot on as they say in the land of Rowan!

SCG said...

"Fallen Yorkshire Puddings!" Really, Leonardo: you and Mimi *dare* to question the Great and Powerful Wizard of Odd?

Lay Anglicana said...

Good stuff! You're in great form, which is more than I can say for his Lambethship.

Wade said...

Grandmère Mimi said...

"Oh Len! Look what you've done! The wrath of Rowan will surely descend on me now."

Well, I'll put $100.00 on Mimi to win. If it's a battle of wits, $200.00