Feb 8, 2012

PARENTAL GUIDANCE ADVISED: There are dangerous G.O.P. ¨religious nuts¨ running as fast as they can all around us!

Beware of ¨Religious Nuts¨
Dearest Friends and fellow victims of some Republicans and their ¨religiouslike¨ nonsense heard on the 2012 Presidential campaign prowl!

Ít´s true, what ever happened to the decent men and women who are/were Republicans?  Those nice people? Where did they go?  Did they die off along with, President ¨Tricky Dick¨ Nixon, Wendell Willkie, Martha and John Mitchell,  Herbert Hoover, J. Edgar, Joseph McCarthy  and Anita Bryant  (oops, she´s not dead yet) ?

Joseph Raymond "Joe" McCarthy (November 14, 1908 – May 2, 1957) was an American politician who served as a Republican U.S. Senator from the state of Wisconsin from 1947 until his death in 1957. Beginning in 1950, McCarthy became the most visible public face of a period in which Cold War tensions fueled fears of widespread Communist subversion.[1] He was noted for making claims that there were large numbers of Communists and Soviet spies and sympathizers inside the United States federal government and elsewhere. Ultimately, McCarthy's tactics and his inability to substantiate his claims led him to be censured by the United States Senate
My very own Mom and Dad were modest citizens/Republicans (unlike any of the above mentioned) of the All American, yet tolerant of others, 4th of July celebrating/President Lincoln variety (and my Moms parents too) . They were level headed, sane, hardworking, generous of spirit, hospitable and God loving (as opposed to God fearing) Christians.  My folks lived industrious lives and helped build their/our American Dream and were NOT bigots, braggards, thieves, exploiters of others or greedsters covering themselves as ¨trickle downers¨ grandstanders and opportunists. 
Gracious, welcoming, friendly and ¨hardworking¨  my Dad the Republican

¨Generous of spirit and hospitable¨ my Mom the Republican
My parents were the ¨Golden Rule¨ type Christians who tried, very hard, and succeeded in staying out of demeaning other peoples religious beliefs (even when they really thought they were off-the-wall and extremist loons). 

My Republican parents weren´t bigots. Everyone, I mean everyone, were welcomed into our home (including me and my heterosexual older sister and all of our acquaintances and friends). 

I know, I was there, a Gay son who witnessed their unending kindness and genuine caring for me and my LGBT close ones whom I introduced them too.  My parents knew my friends and treated them with not only warm respect but also with a gracious and sincere welcome...their arms wide open! 

The ONLY time I heard either of my parents refer unkindly about anyone was when they warned me to be very cautious around/about ¨religious nuts¨!  

My devoted Republican parents, happy, loving in retirement (with adored grandbaby)
Although my parents have now passed on to the greater beyond of their well deserving, I feel I must speak up for them!  I speak for me and for the kind of quality people they were, their Republican friends were and for the inclusive America that evolved/evolves into ¨being¨ because of many generations of people just like them and just like all of the American welcoming WE´S!  Leonardo Ricardo


rwattonville said...

It seems very clear to me, as you so wonderfully describe, that behavior is what is relevant; not labels. Based upon the idea of authority, I question all organized religious & political organizations & activities. As a people, our economic circumstances will now continue to deteriorate causing many to seek "magical" solutions. They will willing become the prey of opportunists who seek such times to further their personal agenda & ambitions. It is our personal responsibility not to succumb to the fear that is driving the current madness.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Ron, Over the course of the many of years of our friendship (both with and without you present in my everyday life) I sometimes have paused and thought ¨how different our families were/are¨ but clearly we have some basics in common in our perceptions of ¨basic decency¨...quite often I reflect on your words to me ¨you can do anything you want¨ (as long as you are willing to walk through/remain accountable for your actions). I loved being the judge and jury as well as the instigator of what´s honorable behavior for me (or not). Thanks

susan s. said...

Thanks for this post, Leonardo! How lucky you were to have your parents! They were lovely in every way. I suppose you will tell me that luck had nothing to do with it. :-)

I, too had Republicans in my family who were caring loving people who healed the sick. My Aunt Blanche and Uncle Doctor(called that by us nieces and nephews because of his profession) treated anyone who needed it regardless of ability to pay. This was before Medicare for the elderly(who lived out in the country and had to be visited because they were to poorly to be transported into town). Often bushel baskets of fruits or vegetables, dozens of eggs, or wood for the fireplace were brought in to the clinic by folks who were too poor to pay cash dollars, but were proud about having something to pay. They would both be appalled by what has happened to their party in the last 30 years.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Susan,

One of my favorite memories is when my Mother took me aside and told me ¨Don´t tell anyone, I voted for Kennedy¨...there you have it, loose lips sink ships, or at least they would have...I kept her secret until after my Dad died (years after her)...I figured she´d let him know...I still haven´t told my older sister, don´t want to thinking I´m making mean stories up just because she´s a Republican...yes, it´s like that...still! LOL

Leonardo Ricardo said...

This morning I was at the open air market in Antigua buying veggies (mud wrestling with the indigneous ladies over the prices--tough group) and suddenly it passed through my mind that I bet Santorum thinks God gave him the biggest win of all the othernight because of somekind of superior righteousness...well, I tried to keep my judementalself/imagination in check but I went directly to ¨SO DID JEFFERSON DAVIS! RICK, YOU´RE A FOOL¨! I know, I´ve gotta go for be kind to overt-ly-wound-up Evangelical ¨be nice¨ training! (btw, gotta keep my mind off of Pope B and the Mormon 1st Presidency too)! Help, we´re surrounded bigots AND false prophets--the END must be near? Verdad? No? I was afraid we we´re going to be worshipping a Golden Cow/Steer but, praise to above, Governor Perry dropped out!