Jul 27, 2010

PLEASE MEET: Juan Carlos Castillo, his family, his friends and enthusiastic supporters for ¨Mr. La Union English School¨ Antigua, Guatemala

As many of you know, Juan Carlos Castillo Fuentes is a great friend to many of us, a industrious coworker for some, a generous and warm hearted person, an enthusiastic ENGLISH STUDENT and a lover of animals (dogs, gatos, birds, fish, turtles and conejos). Juan Carlos is also ¨big brother¨ to a delightful youngster, Gerardo, at the Safe Passages/Camino Seguro Learning Center as well as being a great addition to all of our everyday lives.

Please get to know Juan Carlos Castillo Fuentes by scrolling/reading down and meeting many of his friends and family and later, at the bottom of the page, VOTE, free of charge, for Juan Carlos for ¨Mr. La Union English School¨ candidate.

Doña Josephina Fuentes de Castillo with her Son (one of five children) and lovely Grandaughter (one of thirteen grandkids)

Juan Carlos´ Mother, Doña Josephina and two of his thirteen nephews and neices

Juan Carlos on the move at Finca Isobel

los señores Shillington and Castillo enjoy a party in San Miguel Dueñas, Sacatapequez

Juan Carlos´ friend Judy of Ft. Lauderdale and Antigua (who is founder of Antigua Network) HERE

Kites ¨Flying High¨ on All Souls Day

Juan Carlos ¨Sky High¨

Juan Carlos and Beverly of Hawaii and Antigua (Beverly is everyones favorite ¨Mom¨ from Hawaii)

Juan Carlos amongst the ruins of San Francisco el Grande, Antigua, Guatemala

Lisa and Friends enjoying a special ¨play day¨ afternoon in Guatemala City, Photo by Juan Carlos (who also enjoyed the fun)

More good friends, Suzanne and Elizabeth, at dinner party in Sacatapequez. Photo by Juan Carlos Castillo

Juan Carlos, Jennifer and John, A Fiesta/Fundraising event honoring Open Windows Foundation HERE

Irene, Tom, Ellen, Len and Paul, Photo of ¨Good Friends¨ by Juan Carlos, Christmas 2009, at the home of Lisa in Antigua, Guatemala

Juan Carlos Castillo Fuentes, Christmas 2009, shown with one of Lisa´s ¨best friends¨

Por Favor, click on La Union English School Facebook Homepage link (below) and vote: As you can see, Juan Carlos Castillo Fuentes is a great friend to many of us, a good ENGLISH STUDENT, a hardworking coworker, a generous hearted person, a ¨good son,¨ a lover of animals whom we admire and hope you will VOTE for...Juan Carlos is also ¨big brother¨ to a delightful youngster, Gerardo, at the, check it out, Safe Passages/Camino Seguro learning center in Guatemala City HERE...pass the joy, fun, good-will and inspiration along.

PLEASE LOGIN TO YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT THEN CLICK HERE and it will take you to the VOTING PAGE for La Union English School. At the top of the page a box, under WALL, ought appear requesting ¨Write Something¨...please join us in writing in the name Juan Carlos Castillo Fuentes for La Union English School contest that suggests you ¨Vote for your favorite candidate NOW!!! Start today, and only write comments in English. Vote for your favorite candidate and elect the coolest and most fun guy and girl at La Union English School

Thanks to YOU from the Friends and Family of Juan Carlos Castillo Fuentes


Anonymous said...

Juan Carlos deserves every vote he gets...and more. He is a great friend.
So are you. Counting the days.
This is a nice tribute to him.

motheramelia said...

I did as directed. Nice pictures. He seems like a great guy.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you MA and JF, Juan Carlos is a active and earnest person who is very responsible in all that he does...best to you, Len

Leonardo Ricardo said...

PLEASE CLICK AGAIN ON THE ·LA UNION ENGLISH SCHOOL· HOMEPAGE (and vote again for Juan Carlos Castillo Fuentes as he is in the ¨finals¨ and they require another vote)...mil gracias a todos!