Jul 17, 2010

American Political/Religious Conservative HYPOCRISY: Mel Gibson Joins Hollywood Self-destructionists Fatty Arbuckle to Lindsay Lohan

"The Passion" of "Traditional Family Values"

The Good News About Christian-Right Darling Mel Gibson
By Frank Rich

¨...The Gibson tapes — in plain English and not requiring the subtitles of some of the star’s recent spectacles — are a particularly American form of schadenfreude. There’s little we enjoy more than watching a pampered zillionaire icon (Gibson’s production company is actually named Icon) brought low. The story would end there — just another tidy morality tale in the profuse annals of Hollywood self-destruction from Fatty Arbuckle to Lindsay Lohan — were it not for Gibson’s unique back story.

Hollywood self-destruction from Fatty Arbuckle to Lindsay Lohan

Six years ago he was not merely an A-list movie star with a penchant for drinking and boorish behavior but also a powerful and canonized figure in the political and cultural pantheon of American conservatism. That he has reached rock bottom tells us nothing new about Gibson. He was the same talented, nasty, bigoted blowhard then that he is today. But his fall says a lot about the changes in our country over the past six years. We shouldn’t take those changes for granted. We should take stock — and celebrate. They are good news...¨read it all HERE

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Göran Koch-Swahne said...

Yes, there is a great change coming since several years back.

And for the better!

The Teabaggers and such are just the flakes falling...