Jul 19, 2010

Do Archbishops HENRY OROMBI/Uganda and NICHOLAS OKOH/Nigeria receive religious instruction from President Mugabe, and +Nolbert Kunonga of Zimbabwe?


Robert Mugabe on ¨Homosexuals, Dogs and Pigs¨

Harare, July 18, 2010

"Today, the Anglican Church condones marriages between men and the same for women. The Archbishop of Canterbury is blessing such marriages - that is similar to dog behavior. At some point, I realised that I was reprimanding blameless dogs and pigs, which are aware that marriage is for procreation. We say no to gays! We will not listen to those advocating the inclusion of their rights in the constitution." - Dictator Robert Mugabe, in a speech also promising the continuance of polygamy rights in Zimbabwe.¨ read it all HERE

Actions of fear, hate, greed, discrimination, DEMEANING of others plus physical/sexual abuse initiated/achieved against others is often found in "normal" religious(?) and political people saving face (as they deface the faith and humanity of others). Innocents have suffered for lifetimes as abusers fail to admit their VERY OWN wrongs, sexual violations and greed corrupting things that we, now more than ever, know that they do. They have wandered along casting blame and shame on others and are freely unchallenged...it's not REALLY about me and you and OUR other Heterosexual Sisters, OUR Molested children (some of us were molested children too) and OUR LGBT sisters/brothers at all...it's about the deflecting of immoral behavior with SHAME, GUILT and BLAME that covers the crimes of many, mostly male, who ABUSE and EXPLOIT others throughout the Anglican Communion and beyond.

Emotionally and Spiritually unstable "normal people"(?) who can't/won't face their own worst behavioral secrets and often strike out/defame and attempt to demoralize others to protect/hide themselves and grab for power. WE, the marginalized, their sometimes victims are amongst the vulnerable who are NOW attempting to tell/live in TRUTH...TRUTH will not be denied, not now, not ever...pass the word along. Pass the word of REALITY along to the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of York, Bishops Gomez, Orombi, Venables and Akinola who have prefered to keep their heads buried in a dangerous and feardriven faux back-woods world of their own "pretend" making...their own pontificating and self-deceptive defending. this week in Holy Crimes, read it all,HERE

Stop the deadly acts of Archbishops who wish us to endorse a ongoing plague of false-Christian self-righteous hypocrisy, the demonizing of others, the marginalizing/outcasting of some of Gods CHILDREN and the premeditated spiritual neglect of fellow Christians to whom they not-so-innocently ignore the crimes of hate they initiate from the pulpits at The Anglican Communion. HERE



The ANGLICAN UN, United Nations, HUMAN RIGHTS Observer, Mrs Hellen Grace Wangusa from Uganda, has an office and staff provided by the Episcopal Church (USA) at the Church Center 815 Second Avenue, New York, 10017. The direct office line is (001) 212-716- 6263 and the email address unoffice@episcopalchurch.org

Lionel Deimel, Anglican HERO, click HERE,¨No Anglican Covenant¨

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

NOTE: ¨ANONYMOUS¨ BLOGGERS MUST LEAVE A SIGNATURE (and be responsible for their own fantasymaking).

Leonardo Ricardo said...


Quoting the direct words (please check the quotes by refering to the original document or press release marked HERE) of Mugabe or any other quoted person (despotic murderer, thief or not) is not making things up...however, pretending that anti-lgbt promoters who deem themselves ¨friends¨ and deny equal justice, exploit and abuse others in the name of ¨honorable/Godly m/f relationships¨ as opposed to ¨unnatural LGBT bondings¨ is simply discrimination and unhealthy...this blog will not be used to further ignorant pontificating by aledged ¨happy heterosexuals¨ who are really bigots or worse. Take your homogenized crap elsewhere Anonymous! No sale!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Noticed you had to censor a statement of truth.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Anonymous Coward:

Sign your name. It´s time that the misinformed, bigots, abusers and thieves STOP being allowed to keep spreading thinly veiled unChristianlike fear/hate that is nothing more than twisted truth! It´s SPIRITUALLY UNHEALTHY for you (and me) to scamper about dropping your madeup/non-verifiable ¨wives tale¨ anti-lgbt nonsense and then rushing for the cover of anonymity to keep your safe (after the hate you have generated with falsehood)...it´s time you start being responsible for your closeted and less-than-honorable beliefs and actions that you direct against your sisters and brothers, loved ones, coworkers and extended world family who happen to be LGBT citizens.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Anonymous in Larchmont, New York: you will be deleted every/anytime you comment unless you give your correct/real name...you are not adding anything to your exclusion of LGBT people ¨issues¨ by being a closeted coward (albeit one who makes shallow assumptions that ought be harmless but are deadly to LGBT people). We´ve silently listened to your prattle for lifetimes...you are unwelcome to continue your claptrap reasoning here...Got it?

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¨Anonymous¨ commenting is largely for LGBT people who are persecuted and/or unable (for whatever reason) to share openly or simply have honest questions regarding their own person...your I.D. will be protected.

Bigots, especially those who have convinced themselves of their righteousness, need not bother to post as this blog is not OPEN to regurgitating fear/hate-driven anti-LGBT junktalk (religiouslike or not). No exceptions.