Jul 14, 2010

HYPOCRITES BEWARE: Self-deceiving, abusers/shamers/blamers at The Anglican Communion/beyond are running out of slander and lies. REALITY is setting in

As we are edging closer to REALITY, some of the TRUE hypocrisy generating fear and hate directed against LGBT Christians and others remains. I offer my own notion, and first hand viewing, that reveals that many self-proclaimed "purist" type heterosexuals(?) are sadly acting out with plenty of behind-the-scene "sin" and sexually twisted "antics" operating actively in their everyday lives. No surprise!

I also believe bigots at Church fear being embarrassed, if exposed, in-their-face double standard efforts to show off self-imagined "good character." Character that many connive and strive for us ALL to believe they HAVE...we all know what "good character" ought represent, so they represent it. Purists often will go to any extreme to see they are spared from a world that sees them as they REALLY are. Same goes for the (mostly) heterosexual pedophiles and the (mostly) heterosexual child witchburners and (mostly) heterosexual sex slave traders, heterosexual (mostly) religiouslike blowhards and thieves at Church. "Straight" porno addicts who are "exposed" one by one as they scurry away for another place to hide also appear before us with great regularity these days. WE get to see the falseness and corrupt character of those who deceive us as they pretend to lead us. If nothing else they serve as a sad reminder of the Soulsickness that is nearby, that can touch the lives of ALL of us and is truly skin deep and a breath away no matter if one is heterosexual or LGBT Christians/other. Weekly we see dozens of clergy of all denominations fail as they fall on their heads with upsidedown mischiefmaking. Reality is setting in.

Actions of fear, hate, greed, discrimination, DEMEANING of others plus physical/sexual abuse initiated/achieved against others is often found in "Normal" religious(?) people saving face (as they deface the faith of others). Innocents have suffered for lifetimes as abusers fail to admit their VERY OWN wrongs, sexual violations and greed corrupting things that we, now more than ever, know that they do. They have wandered along casting blame and shame on others and are freely unchallenged...it's not REALLY about me and you and OUR other Heterosexual Sisters, OUR Molested children (some of us were molested children too) and OUR LGBT sisters/brothers at all...it's about the deflecting of immoral behavior with SHAME, GUILT and BLAME that covers the crimes of many, mostly male, who ABUSE and EXPLOIT others throughout the Anglican Communion and beyond.

Emotionally and Spiritually unstable "Normal People"(?) who can't/won't face their own worst behavioral secrets and often strike out/defame and attempt to demoralize others to protect/hide themselves and grab for power. WE, the marginalized, their sometimes victims are amongst the vulnerable who are NOW attempting to tell/live in TRUTH...TRUTH will not be denied, not now, not ever...pass the word along. Pass the word of REALITY along to the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of York, Bishops Gomez, Orombi, Venables and Akinola who have prefered to keep their heads buried in a dangerous and feardriven faux back-woods world of their own "pretend" making...their own pontificating and self-deceptive protecting.

Stop the deadly acts of Archbishops who wish us to endorse a ongoing plague of false-Christian self-righteous hypocrisy, the demonizing of others, the marginalizing/outcasting of some of Gods CHILDREN and the premeditated spiritual neglect of fellow Christians to whom they not-so-innocently ignore the crimes of hate they initiate from the pulpits at The Anglican Communion.



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Emotionally and Spiritually unstable "Normal People".

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