Nov 29, 2008

Deep Feelings/Mixed Feelings make up the BOLD REALITY of ongoing JOY in my everyday life!

¨Deep Feelings¨ 4´x 5´ painting/mixed media, wood panel mounted on Cedar stretchbars...Polyurethane finish.

Colorful collections. Vivid varieties of Human Nature. Ageless and priceless witness, and plain old, ordinary, spontaneous wholesome fun.

Our Cantina (on wheels...although, I´m the designated driver since I don´t drink)

Today is Saturday. Another lovely Saturday in most often very lovely Central America. Today we visited friends who invited us and several other lively guests for what turned out to be a excellent lunch. Living abroad often sets the stage for interacting with a wide variety of OUR fellow human beings who are unexpectedly extra delightful and one might never know them at other venues. Life is a adventure around here and it´s fascinating to meet new people who spontaneously become new friends. It seems the World is filled with warm hearted/natured individuals with pleasant character and who appreciate the gift of their creation and share that gift so easily and readily with strangers...I am especially happy to be amongst NEW friends when I pay attention to them and when I´m not preoccupied with, the sometimes tiresome, antics of me,me,me.

A Room With A View (near Santiago, Lago Atitlan)

Today, again, I realized, again and again, that nobody I know is much interested in excluding fellow Christians/others at Church, Temple or anywhere else in society. Lunch today was a mix and match community and nobody is checking pedigree, color, sexual orientation or blood types. I live amongst many emotionally and spiritually healthy folks who often share of themselves, their talents, hospitality and their resources with others effortlessly...without prejudice, without hate, fear or greed.

Our Thanksgiving Party this past Thursday turned out to be a happy and great event. The Gallery/Sala of our home was filled with colorful folks of every age and description who were enjoying the wonderous experience of being glad, being well fed with a HUGE TURKEY and HAM and all the rest of the accompaning was one of the best and happiest Thanksgiving celebrations of my life...I´m still feeling the glow from the whipped Sweet Potatos with Volcanic like Marshmellows oozing over the top and later, that slice of homemade Cherry Pie.

Thanks be to God for ALL of the gleefilled living moments, sugar highs and fun events in REALITY that have occured abundantly around my life...all is well, very well, again today, and I realize I´m very lucky and blessed.

Thanks to Friends of ALL colors, sizes and shapes (religions, orientations, etc.)
Thanks to Juan Carlos C. Fuentes for photos
Thanks to Flickr Photo sharing


Cany said...

Beautiful everythings! How is the weather there... Panama/Costa Rica seem to be getting hit terribly with storms.

Everything alright in your necka da woods?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Hi Cany,

It´s odd...rainy season is over, it feels like Summer but YOU just brought on a little misty rain, right now, within this last half hour and at this very minute...see, you´re a magical sort...I knew that...hope all is well up Norte...I love knowing you and reading you.

Leslie Littlefield said...

You are so dear...
This is a beautiful post.
Thanks so much.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Leonardo, your feast/party sounds lovely. I felt as though I was there as you described it.

Lynn said...

Leonardo, I knew that stopping by here was going to be a wonderful way to end this "long weekend." Thank you for your wonderful message of thanks and fellowship.

Doorman-Priest said...

"I live amongst many emotionally and spiritually healthy folks who often share of themselves, their talents, hospitality and their resources with others effortlessly...without prejudice, without hate, fear or greed."

Me too, ut I still think it's untypical.

Fred Schwartz said...

I love the painting -- I see the calm of a deep blue sea overtaking the hustle and bustle of an otherwise busy environment. Idyllic comes to mind!
Thank you for your hard work -- I truly enjoy your stuff!

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--What a great post and I love the centerpiece--filled with my favorite oriental lilies! And your chairs, beautiful. Also, tell me about the new picture you are using as your gravatar. I really like the colors. Also, as always, love the painting.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Bonnie, the new Gravatar is a stack of ¨cortes¨ or cuts of fabric that usually are made into wrap skirts or shawls (to wrap up babies to carry around on ones back)...traditionally, each color scheme has been the specific motif of a village but now...anything goes! I love the wealth of fabrics that are woven around here and I often buy them and have wonderful custom inspirations made up...something interesting, at least to me, is that often the weavers will use whatever colors they have on hand and randomly weave them together...those are the accidental treasures I love most...they can be mindblowing bursts of brillance.