Nov 16, 2008

GOOD NEWS: The Episcopal Church Diocese of Western North Carolina WELCOMES Everyone at ALL levels of Churchlife!

The Episcopal Church Diocese of Western North Carolina

Bishop Taylor of Western North Carolina, TEC


"Resolved, that the Eighty-Seventh Convention of the Diocese of Western North Carolina, believing that our commitment to the Anglican Communion and our commitment to dismantling structures of discrimination are expressions of the same inexhaustible love, call upon the 76th General Convention to enact legislation to insure that sexual orientation cease to be a barrier for full inclusion in The Episcopal Church¨

The Episcopal Church Diocese of Western North Carolinas lovely Camp Henry at Lake Logan

Read the entire Convention Statement and more about the WELCOMING Episcopal Church Diocese of Western North Carolina, click here:

The Dogwood Flower, the State Flower of North Carolina...North Carolina, where FULL BLOWN inclusiveness and anti-discrimination are blossoming before us daily!

Thanks to Bonnie
Thanks to The Episcopal Church Diocese of Western North Carolina
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Thanks to Official State Emblems and Flowers of The State of North Carolina


Bonnie said...

And THANKS to Leonardo. Beautiful friend! I wish you could meet some of the other beautiful folks I met at that convention. It was just so heartwarming and wonderful. I feel like I am floating on air.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Ah Bonnie, while I was surfing around looking for the North Carolina flower I discovered some really nifty seems as if North Carolina is quite a jewel in many ways...I spent a couple of weeks in Charlotte a little over a year ago...very hospitable and the Episcopalians I met were warm and friendly...thanks again for sharing the Convention ¨good news.¨

Grandmère Mimi said...

This is, indeed, very good news. I pray the GC heeds the call from NC.

Lynn said...

The portion of their resolution says it all, there is no futher explnation required for their actions. I love the diocese's mission statement: "... to be disciples of Jesus, transformed by prayer, sacrament, scripture and ministry, to continue to engage the world in the name of Christ."

I didn't realize the dogwood was common in North Carolina. My mother loves dogwoods, and we had had a beautiful one in the front yard of my childhood home in Maryland.

So often your posts are two-for-one deals in the smile department!

Bonnie said...

Hi Lynn--Yes, the dogwoods are very beautiful and we have several in our yard. There are, I believe, three varieties of the dogwood. It is very beautiful in the spring when they are all in flower.

You can get almost anything to grow here once you get it in the ground. Getting it in the ground is the hard part as this is all rocky clay and for flower beds you have to dig deep and amend the soil. But it is worth all the effort. Azaleas, rhododendrons and mountain laurel thrive here too.

However, I am practically drooling on the screen when I look at your lovely green amazing giant plants Leonardo. Such a wealth of beauty.

Cany said...

Indeed, Leonardo.

VERY neat and very needed.

Mimi is right, let us hope the 2009 Convention heeds the words.

BTW, since it is nearby (convention) I would love to meet up with some folks when they come... so who is coming?

Lynn...isn't that just true? Eye candy here at Leonardo's! Leave it to an artist:)

It is too dry where I live for dogwood, though I guess if I potted one and kept in semi shade that might work? I love them, too.

Scott Hankins said...


and thanks to +Wantland?