Nov 23, 2008

ALERT: Dangerous Queers are invading the heartland of America by Land, Sea, Air, City Council and Church Pulpit!

Imagined Fears and Hated Queers arriving by LAND!**

Americana Under Assault by Queer Special Forces*

Posted by KaityKat at 20:08

¨According to the new video being circulated by the AFA,¨Americana LGBT Assault¨ video, click here:
yet another reactionary group on the religious wrong fringe, the queers have invaded quiet Eureka Springs, Arkansas and are using it as a forward operating base to expand our 'gay agenda' into the heartland of America. I came across this piece of news on Feministing. No longer content to remain in our liberal bastions of the Eastern Corridor and our beloved Left Coast, we are apparently aggressively attempting to undermine the very fabric of this ultra-conservative christian nation called 'Fly-over Land' or alternatively 'The United States of Jebus'.

Imagined Fears and Hated Queers invading by Lake/Sea**

Imagined Fears and Hated Queers invading by Air**

I can almost see the AFA's collective nightmare of a sky-blue Blackhawk helicopter with Rainbow insignia inserting a Queer Agenda Special Operations A-team to taint the city's water supply with 'the gay'.

The ¨Defending of Heterosexuality and Straight Marriage¨ Brotherhood**

In order to ensure total compliance of the local heteronormative population, the Special Operations A-team will be supported by the 1st Transvestite Air Assault Battalion led by Eddie Izzard looking fabulous.

Stonewall Transvestite Air Assault Squadron taking shape, er, formation**

Meanwhile, back in reality....

The only real gay agenda is basic civil rights for every person regardless of sexual or gender identity or lack thereof.¨

Feministing, read it all, click here:

*Americana under assault, read it all, click here:

Queers United, read it all, click here:

Father Geoff Farrow ¨Address to Mayor and City Council¨ read it all, click here:

Reverend Göran Koch-Swahne ¨Now let us turn from the propaganda to the real Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender in the Bible!¨ read it all, click here:

Thanks to Queers United and ¨Shamelessly Self-Promoting¨
Thanks to A Truly Elegant Mess, ¨Americana under assault¨*
Thanks to Feministing Blog
Thanks to Father Geoff Farrow
Thanks to The Reverend Göran Koch-Swahne
Thanks to Flickr Photosharing**
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FranIAm said...

I love you for all of this. It is so inspiring.

And that last graphic- brilliant!

Plus Goran and Geoff are lights unto themselves.

Leslie Littlefield said...

I cannot believe some idiot would put out a video like this. God help them...

Cany said...

I watched the stupid video ad. Geez. What a moronic thing to do!

But... there's more! You can get them in a pack of five and...


Tim said...

Oh, Leonardo, there are just so many snide remarks I want to make--it's just too easy! I wonder if Jon Stewart's people have seen this; I'd really love to see what would happen if real pros got their hands on it.

Here in Chicago, GLBT folks have taken over big chunks of the city--no doubt far bigger than all of Eureka Springs--and sent GLBT representatives to City Hall and the state legislature. And from experience, I can tell the good folks in Arkansas what to anticipate after GLBT people "storm the beaches."

Downtrodden neighborhoods are salvaged into residential meccas. Decrepit business districts spring to life with new merchants and customers. Local schools and other public facilities get proper funding and attention to provide top-notch services to the community. Property values rise. Crime falls. And our straight friends who visit start moving in. We move on to another spot and the cycle starts all over again.

This phenomenon is so much a part of our city's culture that more times than I can remember, people have asked me, "Where are the gays and lesbians moving these days. Because I want to get there before the prices skyrocket."

I have no idea what Eureka Springs looks like or its standard of living is, but if these bigots get out of the way and let us do the voodoo that we do so well, I guarantee both will improve significantly!

One last thing. Was it my imagination or did the video's narrator sound exactly like Al Gore? I wonder what the intention behind that was...

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Dear Tim and all,

This is so wildly grasping...imagine, they don´t really say what the ¨threat¨ would you said Tim, their Community is probably being improved like all the´s simply the ¨smear¨ that is so dated it seems like the early 60´s and the empty script could have been written regarding racial the ¨blacks¨ are moving into the neighborhood...¨there goes the neighborhood¨, to see it played out again, by mostly the same, regional, cast of characters is quite amazing...and to think that some African Americans are insulted by OUR cause being as worthy as THEIR cause...makes me cringe because of the understanding of what that ¨rejection¨ really says....fear and hate are still on the move and perhaps President Obama, by his very existence and his human rights efforts, will allow more TRUTH emerge through strong and healthy example.

Doorman-Priest said...

When you've finished with American towns come to ours: our Christmas lights are rubbish this year.