Nov 1, 2008

All Saints Day in Guatemala, Central America, Western Hemisphere, Earth

Today is a Nationwide Holiday and a SPECTACULAR DEMONSTRATION of Family LOVE and UNITY in Guatemala.

The winds, are blowing strongly and it´s a perfect day for flying the vividly colored kites that dart about in the sun saturated air. The skies are filled with these multicolored, multi-shaped/sized amazing individual treasures that are often handmade...most are flown around cemeteries as a lively living tribute of fond rememberance as entire families are gathered around the graves of those who have died.

Juan Carlos purchased a huge rainbow colored kite has a six foot long tail. He told me he´d never had a kite before today, it´s his first at age 33...he was much like a child in ecstacy as he assembled his gorgeous doubt it flies with honor as he remembers his Grandfather who loved him dearly but died when he was a child.

May God continue to Bless all loving Grandparents who have added so much to our everyday lives...both those grandparents still with us as they helped us, taught us and loved us....and also, the dearly remembered souls of their parents, and their parents parents and all who preceeded us in life and who now rejoice in the great beyond....high up and all around us where the kites dance in perfect untwisted harmony, where there is eternal peace, a place of unlimited kindness, respect for all and the natural lightfilled bliss of great heritage.

Thanks be to God for all the beloved who have come before us.

Kite, Sumpango, Sacatapequez, Photo Juan Carlos Castillo
Ruins, San Francisco el Grande, Antigua, Photo Juan Carlos Castillo
Flowers, Flickr Photosharing


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Beautiful post and I am thinking that in spite of all the nasty junk that we encounter there are times in our lives that are filled with pure joy and the perfect beauty of gifts that God has made for us to share and enjoy.

Hugs and love to you and Juan Carlos.

Cany said...

what an absolute visual feast!

i am a kite lover, as well. i get it.

Fred Schwartz said...

I hardly know where to begin. Your magnificent art is only surpassed by the words you weave into a tapestry of beauty. What a delightful post and a vision of wonder!

Scott Hankins said...

For ALL the saints...(you, y'alls "s" is getting bigger all the time)...

Leslie Littlefield said...

What a beautiful post!
It is almost Tuesday Leonardo. I can hardly wait!!!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

LESLIE! Me too! I feel so fortunate to be alive and witness this great moment of CHANGE in everyones WAY OF LIFE!