Dec 3, 2008

Nothing to say? Speechless? Full of Gladness, Grace, Hospitality and Positive Intuition?

Me too.

Dear Advent Friends and Others,

I´ve been contemplating my ¨blog entry¨ all day today as I paint paintings and alternatively run various errands in and around the foot of the volcano...friends, straight, married, Jewish, are coming for the HOLIDAYS/onward and we´re preparing a colorful apartment for them (the place has a great view of all surrounding volcanos) that they´ve rented for three months (maybe will keep for a year and go back and forth to San Francisco) just a few block away from dear friend Juan Carlos has been busily painting walls and I´ve been buzzing around to the various sewing folks getting draperies and a few other ¨decorative¨ matters, furniture/accessories, and kitchen stuff taken care of before they arrive.

I want to tell you that I´m filled with Joy and happy anticipation this Holiday Season.

I know I´m very graced to live in a world so ALIVE with many everyday people who inspire happiness, service, well-being and peace-of-mind (and elected Barack Obama as the next President of The United States) and love...I also have been very glad that my artwork is going well (Jake/Terry, I´m still not done with yours yet, but it is lovely and I promised) and I´m currently working on another San Miguel, Archangel, that is giving me goosebumps with almost every stroke/dot...I find my religious paintings, although quite ¨wild¨ and ¨impressionable¨ seem to appear from the deepest regions of wherever it is that inspiration comes from...where does it all come from? We know, don´t we? It´s the same place that created each one of us to be, or become, the authentic, vibrant, creative and loving people that God created us ALL ¨to be¨ be brave, keep our heads up, to keep attempting to love our neighbors and live in the REAL!

Less will be concealed, more clarity is coming, obsessive and harmful tangents (of all kinds) are fading away or being directly boldly confronted!

Love to you all (even you excluding folks who refuse to take Communion with me and the ¨liberal¨ likes of me...suggestion: get a grip in 2009 and keep your eye on YOUR own personal character).

The sky is clear, we await!

Prayers ascending for Brazil, Colombia, Nigeria, Congo, Zimbabwe, Sudan, India and Pakistan

Thanks to Flickr Photosharing
Thanks to Juan C. Fuentes


Doorman-Priest said...

Thank you!

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Hey, I'll go to the rail with you, any time, any place!

Bonnie said...

Speechless (unless we're not).

Sounds like a beautiful Christmas coming up at the foot of the volcano.

Every Wednesday you are all my communion rail buddies and my prayers.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks Bonnie, you are loved and appreciated (speechless or not, here we come).


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Been meaning to share this ever since you put Desmond Tutu's pic up on the sidebar. I have a little book compliled by ++Tutu, "An African Prayer Book." This from the intro:

"Wonderfully, God created us because God WANTED us, not because God NEEDED us. God is absolutely necessary, being the Source of all there is. We and everything else that exist are radically contingent. We need never have been. We are like the baby in the womb, utterly and radically dependent on its mother.

We were created by love, for love and so that we should love."

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks Bonnie,

I´m going to see if it will fit on my Blog´s beautiful and I believe it and ++Tutu wrote it!

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Looks good up there. If I ever get a chance to meet ++Tutu I'd cover him with hugs and squinchy kisses. He is such a treasure. He so reminds me of this passage: "I will put my laws upon their hearts...." Beautiful heart, beautiful man.

Other treasures would be, you of course, and pictures of beautiful Guatemalan textiles. At the recent WNC Dio Convention a woman was wearing a beautiful jacket made in Guatemala, a little more subdued but with an interesting design. I felt like asking her if I could pet the jacket.