Dec 26, 2008

On St. Stephen's Day, December 26, 1906 at Hull, Yorkshire, England...

Leonard Clark-Bell, December 26, 1906-November 23, 2002, was born.

Today is my Dads Birthday and he would be 102 years old today if he were still amongst us (and had not gone off to join my Mom, his beloved wife, his many friends, ALL of the siblings from his large England born family of ten brothers and sisters who departed ahead of him as he remained the eternal youngest in that crowd)...I´ve always liked this picture of Dad (although he was far more handsome and than this picture reveals), at Bimbos, in San Francisco, Summer 1961, as he celebrated his Wedding Anniversary with my Mom who was far more beautiful than the group picture reveals too, see for yourself:

My parents are seated with their best friends The Neslens of Santa Barbara (they were a wonderful looking pair too...let´s face it, the group photo wasn´t so hot).

The Neslens and my parents were close friends even before their marriages and they quite often celebrated that friendship and sometimes joined together for their Wedding Anniversary Parties too...I think this was the 30th Year Celebration and my folks had traveled to San Francisco from Los Angeles where we lived. Dad loved and knew San Francisco well as he had lived there as a youngman in his early 20´s...quite the dashing, and I understand not-so-saintly, young man about town.

Although not a Saint, or even named Stephen, Big ¨Lenny¨ was a very friendly and industrious sort of fellow with a good sense of humour and generosity of spirit/other and belief in the spiritual. He was also quite successful in his world of striving and ¨working hard¨ (his greatest compliment for another person was that they were a ¨hard worker¨) while seeking and achieving his version of the American Dream...Dad loved America and even though he revisted England several times in his middle-older years he wasn´t ¨into ¨ Royalty or the ¨way¨ of life backhome in Dad Loved America and ¨The American Way.¨

Thinking of my Dad, today on his birthday, St. Stephens Day 2008.

Born in England 1906, He Loved the American Way...that´s what it says on his gravestone.

Thank you Dad for being a positive and loving force in my life and by encouraging me to follow my dreams and my heart in all that I do...just like you.

May the Peace of the Lord always be with you and Mother too.



Padre Mickey said...

Bimbos was always an "interesting" club!
Thanks for sharing photos of tus Padres.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--WOW! One of my children shares a birth date with your Dad. We are all busy passing the phone around here wishing her happy birthday. She will be here tomorrow to share a week with the rest of us and we will be partying and celebrating some more, like we haven't been doing this already for the last three days.

Cany said...

As always, lovely, Leonoardo. And bless the wonderful people that had you for a son.

Tim said...

Leonardo, what a lovely post. I'm sure your dad would be proud of your art, your soul, and your commitment. He should certainly be proud to have given the world such a fine man.

I trust your Christmas was blessed with joy and light. I've sorely missed not getting by here more regularly this past month. I got slammed with work, the holidays, etc., and am just getting a chance to catch up.

Blessings, my friend, and nothing but the best for you and yours in 2009!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

What a lovely post!

Jane R said...

Beautiful, Leonardo, thank you for letting us know and see your father and indeed both your parents, and their friends. Sorry I haven't been by in a while. Sending you love from Carolina del Norte.