Dec 29, 2008

Murderous realities in the year 2008 ought not be wiped away/forgotten in 2009...playing PRETEND can be deadly!

There is so much to say/write about the years leading up to and through many things to remember after so many moments, hours and days filled with viewing eight+ years of the REALITY of the countless artocities that won´t go away and shouldn´t be many instigated battles, bloody battles, that resulted in thousands of unidentified human remains.

No murderous record of REALITY in 2008 ought be wiped away or rationalized away as we attempt to salute the beginning of a NEW HOPE for Peace, Tolerance, and Equality in 2009...all to be found via outreach, basic reasoning, common decency, justice, self-searching and PERSONAL and NATIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY and new MORAL LEADERSHIP in the New Year of 2009.

The barbaric treatment of gays, lesbians, their families/friends and others in Nigeria, backed by Peter Akinola of The Anglican Church of Nigeria, read it all, click here:

There are many fronts, many in Africa, where the acts of ignorant, greedy, arrogant and self-righteous religious leaders cause despair and death. Feardriven viciousness on the part of some clergy demolishes and/or violently harms, persecutes, dismembers, rapes, enslaves, jails and sometimes murders other human beings in the name of God...let´s not play pretend, let´s not look the otherway as tens of thousands are suffering from oppression/victimization and exploitation in Nigeria, Uganda, Congo, Sudan, Zimbabwe and beyond. Many emotionally and spiritually twisted, hatefilled, hungry and feardriven, people are encouraged to destroy others and engage in massacres such as at Yelwa and Jos, Nigeria or ¨witchunts¨ in Uganda...unthinkable, in-the-name-of-religion perpetrated massacres and human violations that shatter decent human sensibilities, individual rights and quiet dignity in the name of a God who needs no defense...many criminals, political and religious, have not yet been forced to be held accountable for their illegal, often desperate, slandering, demeaning, egodriven, insane and degenerate acts of dangerous persecution of fellow citizens...deadly plots instigated, and often preached, against other members of the family of God...against our ¨neighbors¨ who ought be embraced and loved as COMMANDED by God and not condemned to ugly random deaths by religious extremists/thugs and/or shallow opportunists who preach hate, demoralize others and exclude/marginalize fellow Christians at Church.

Pray for Justice, Human Rights and Peace in Africa and beyond in 2009.

Pray for Religious and Cultural Sanity in 2009.

The ongoing war in Iraq continues to be a bloodbath of matters little what side one is on as the ugliness continues and the good ol U.S.A ain´t so ¨good¨ anymore because of the lies promoted by George Bush, the Commander in Chief of economic depression, worldwide destruction and needless death.

President Bush, with the assistance and judgment of those selected to be advisors and cabinet cronies, authored lies that caused International destruction..little of OUR National degradation can be directed against ANY U.S. regular citizen, politician or servicemen/women who mostly followed Bush and his failed ¨guidance¨ and orders...greedy, selfish and unwise criminals in business suits from Wall Street to Washington D.C harmed generations of honorable people everywhere. OUR World will not forget the arrogantly appointed not-so-know-it-all politicios/financial manipulators, or ought not forget, their deadly works, words, propaganda, money schemes joined/endorsed by manipulating deceitful headstrong old men at the Bush administration. All, together with Bush, are part of a unAmericanlike junta/fleeceria who engaged in a campaign to escalate the exploitation of humanity, both at home and abroad...these guilty people remain the unthinkable remnants of a failed U.S. leadership that almost destroyed the American economy, The American authentic spirit and The American standard of good-will towards ALL and OUR collective rigorous National honesty...tragic destructiveness that is almost too vast in accross-the-board immoral vileness and premeditated economic shabbiness for the survivors of Bush and his accomplices to absorb and deal with in 2009 and beyond.

Pray for the victimized, abused, exploited and persecuted in 2008.

Pray for President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden in 2009.

Pray for America to be restored to full fledged and bonafide integrity in 2009.

Lord, hear my prayer

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Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Praying for "American to be restored to full fledged and bonafide integrity in 2009." And ditto for the (f)anglican communion.

With love, hugs and good wishes for you and JC in the New Year.

Brian R said...

Praying for you and yours and all of us in 2009

Leonardo Ricardo said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! Thanks for dropping in...down in the village, at the foot of the volcano, everything is getting cranked up for tonight...there were small and large parades today featuring lifesized stuffed animals (with humans inside) doing dances in the all the neighbors on the Calle Real are constructing huge arches for everyone to pass through at midnight...I´ve been working on dinner all day (with the help of my wonderful housekeeper and JC of course)...we´re having a huge Roast Leg of Pork, Pastel de Amarillo (Puerto Rican favorite with layered Plantains), Spanish rice (even though around here everyone hates the Spanish), and special mixed vegetable dish too...desert, it´s down the street at the roof of some friends home at 12:00...all is well, it´s been a lovely Christmas Season as we proceed on to Three Kings Day!

Hip Hip Horray!

Blessings to you in 2009 from all of us here in the wonderous World of Central America...wish you were here!

Doorman-Priest said...

Belated HNY from England too.