Jan 1, 2009

It´s the way that we see `things´ that makes the World be `things´...

Greetings from the village of San Miguel, Sacatapequez, Central America on the very first early-morning-into-day of the year 2009.

We wish you spiritual, emotional and physical well-being in ALL that you do.


·Thanks to Jenn and John for their ongoing support and never-ending hospitality
·Thanks to Judy and Gene for Gumbo extraordinare
·Thanks to Juan Carlos C. Fuentes for lovely photos
·Thanks to Dorothy Johnson for the ¨way that we see things¨
·Thanks to The Citizens of San Miguel, Sacatapequez
·Thanks to Our Friends and family, everywhere

Thanks be to God


Kirkepiscatoid said...

Feliz Año Nuevo, my friend!

Cany said...

Happy New Year my friend!

Grandmère Mimi said...


You had gumbo! How dare you have gumbo outside of Louisiana!

Much love and happiness during the new year, my friend.

May the wars come to an end this year.

Lynn said...

Happy new year, my dear Leonardo. I have this premonition it is going to be a very, very good twelve months. That perhaps - just perhaps, mind you - our nation's financial troubles will be solved with a new attitude of generosity and rebuilding with a foundation of hope. Because yes, we can.

Love to you and all who grace your home.

Fred Schwartz said...

Blessings on you and your home this new year. May the Spirit of Wisdom continue to surround you as you continue your work.

FranIAm said...

Happy new year!!

I love that header photo Leonardo.

You are one of the real gifts of the blogworld and of the real world!

Paz y abrazos y besos!!

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you friends for visiting us at the foot of the Volcano...where yesterday we RESTED after such GALA EVENTOS!

Happy New Year to you all, I agree, there´s something positive in the air...I think a few zillion folks are ¨getting it¨...greed, exploitation and bigotry aren´t all they we´re formally thought to be by the Bush machine.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

I keep thinking about Rick Warren...I can´t go along with the ¨everyone deserves a seat at the table crowd¨...this guy has validated Akinola and worse, thinks LGBT are incestlike and causes us great harm (and probably instigates crimes of hate in Africa and beyond with his nonsense)...he is no innocent.

No soap, OBAMA!

Tim said...

A belated Happy New Year, Leonardo! Blessings of joy, peace, and love to you and yours this coming year.

And strength for us all as we enter a new era that--as we've already seen--will hold more than its share of pleasant and unpleasant surprises.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--And I love that very festive rainbow cape in the last picture.

And, love, hugs, blessings, and joy in abundance for you and JC and for all whom you love and pray for in this new year.