Jan 9, 2009

PURITY CULTS: Selfproclaimed ¨Godliness¨ and ¨Sexual Purity¨ at The Anglican Communion and Beyond? Part Two...UPDATED!

World War II principals and purity cult collaborators were Mussolini, Tojo and Hitler.

¨A cult is a group of people who organize around a strong authority figure--most often that person is attempting to expand their influence for the purposes of money or power.¨

For the past two days I´ve been posting on the subject of Purity Cults that have been spawned at The Anglican Communion and beyond. It seems Purity Cult recruiting is a result of emotional/spiritual instability, great EGO strivings for wealth/greed, religious selfrighteousness and ¨better-than-others-ness¨...endless demands/assurances for eternal salvation, pridefilled EGOS running riot or even secret sexual ¨longings¨ threatening ¨exposure¨ of lack of PURITY from within.

Cult recruiting is often done as the result of war-mongering and/or by the victimization/exploitation done to REAL HUMAN BEINGS during/aftermath of BLOODY REAL WAR (tribal, civil and international). Fear/hate and bigotry are also promoted amongst Cult leaders. The active demoralization and demonization of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered or even any other ¨difference¨ such as customs, religion, tribe, color, region, intelligence/lack of, or even physical/mental or spiritual ¨imperfections¨ too.

You Cockroach! You Slug! You Fagot! You Slimebag! You Heathen! You Godless Piece of Sh*t! You Sl*t, You Who*e, You Lunatic! You Sinner! You Fu*king Liberal! You Degenerate Queer! You ABOMINATION!

¨God Hates Fags¨ read all about it, click here:

PURITY CULT recruiting has now become a REAL and CURRENT worldwide threat to everyones emotional, spiritual, physical and economic well-being and general good health.

¨However, in order to achieve their goals destructive cults, as opposed to harmless ones--use a strong combination of influence techniques to psychologically control their members (Rhoads 1998).¨

Does it look like a cult? Click here and see, read it all:

¨The ´Demand for Purity´ serves to lower a member's self esteem. More specifically--in many groups there is a demand for ´sexual purity´ people may not have known this when they first joined.¨

I believe many fearfilled family members, coworkers and loved ones/friends have been misled on the subject of LGBT Christians/others at Church and at everyday life. Sometimes generations of shame and blame have been used to torment LGBT family members to ¨fix¨ them...sometimes devastating economic threats and/or immediate physical outcasting from the family are used as tools for curing, so called, LGBT ¨abominations.¨

Gay Children and Parental Rejection, read it all, click here:

Often these pridefilled/selfrighteous threats, from bigots, family or not, lead to suicide or other forms of self-destruction, such as alcoholism or drug/sex addiction, for the victims of such brutal family and social abuse.

Misled by more-than-rightest politicos and some religious extremists, some of OUR family members and friends, have chosen to actively CULTIVATE the persecution and discrimination, legal or not, of LGBT people. We have seen illegal attempts, in our face, on television, in the News, on Talk Shows as ¨excluders and demonizers¨of LGBT people proclaim a not-so-subtle desire for a social/sexual orientation cleansing...a cleansing that is clearly perverted and often stems from personal religious/social and/or emotional instability...a need for immediate self-searching, the admitting of wrong done against others and sometimes even psychological treatment too might help the abusers of LGBT Christians/others. The instigators of fear, hate and CULT PURITY are a emotionally/spiritually troubled lot who aggressively and defiantly inflict harm on innocents...often gravely.

LGBT family, friends and everyday people have always been with you. We have listened endlessly to slanderous and hateful nonsense (mostly) generated against us as we sat next to you at Church, at school, at work and at play. We have heard and seen it all, in terms of filth and hate crimes, that have been spewn forth and been acted-out upon us by religious fanatics and their purity cult followers...

Bishop Pete Akinola, Despot and selfpromoted ¨Lion¨ of The Anglican Church of Nigeria

Religious cults with dangerous and immoral leaders who wish us persecution, imprisonment, injury and death...we have heard the same sort of everyday vile viciousness from thugs on the street and amongst associates with very bad, and insensitive, levels of judgment...we now have listened to the same type of hateful ignorant rantings at The Anglican Communion preached by honorless grandstanders, bigots and thieves.

We´ve listened, now, it´s YOUR turn to listen.

A Gay Horsethief is a Gay Horsethief. A Heterosexual Bankrobber is a Heterosexual Bankrobber. Both stealing horses and robbing banks, or plotting with others (sexual orientation unimportant) to do so, are crimes...no matter who does it, even if a Closet Lesbian or a Celibate Nun did it or a Rabbi with 12 Children or a Married Bisexual Accountant. Got it? That´s equality, that´s justice, that ought be REALITY...most religious folks/others would call thieving a sin (and a deadly one along with lieing for a native/ancient Inca).

Nobody moves.

Nobody is going anywhere. Nature is going to have to take it´s course...LGBT Christians/others must be and are responsible for their own actions (mostly) and so MUST BE heterosexuals (surely you read the news). The true character of a individual has NOTHING to do with sexual orientation (surely you read the news). Forget it. No matter what bigotted junktalk, twisted Scriptural selective slander or personal apprehensions or acute loathings YOU have subscribed to. Clear your head of needless, fearfilled and angry, anti LGBT inner chatter.

Being responsible and accountable, EACH ONE of us, in a mirrored innermost reflection before ourselves, our fellows and God represents GENUINE personal integrity. Being held personally responsible for ones tainted thoughts, viscious actions or loving acts/beliefs is the test of true self-worth and honorability. The days of damning and spewing PRETENDED wrongs by loud, thieving, grandstanding and often ignorant cultish hipocrites who judge/condemn OTHERS is nearly over.

Those of you who refuse to seek help, and reach out from underneath your obsessive and cultish anti Gay ¨sickness¨...well, I pray you´ll find strength and willingness to find a self-searching place. I suggest that you get authentic spiritual, and loving, guidance and the professional emotional help that you may need as soon as possible.

Lord, hear my prayer

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Tobias Haller said...

very well said... a good series. The tendency of cults to fixate on one thing often cloaks other problems, even from themselves. Thus the sexually "righteous" become torturers or murderers -- a reminder Paul tried to make in Romans 2, for the people who want to blast others with Romans 1!

Fred Schwartz said...

Great posts! Just shows to go you that great minds think alike! I have liked over here as well! The two posts together are terrific! Nice job Leonardo, nice job!

Fred Schwartz said...

I also fixed the link, it works now. Thanks for your help -- and your posts!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Leo, have you read about the creepy Father-Daughter Purity Balls?

That's a whole other thing.

Doorman-Priest said...

Have been away at college so came late and have been playing catch-up.

Thanks for doing this. It is most timely.

Cany said...

Great post, Leonardo. I have enjoyed these and also Fred's!

And as someone upstream said... timely.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Check this out. The times are a changing. YES!


Hugs on Monday.