Jan 5, 2009

MY HERO/ OUR HERO: Jon Bruno, Bishop of The Episcopal Church Diocese of Los Angeles! A former police officer who won´t allow theiving or deceit!

The Right Reverend Jon Bruno, Diocese of Los Angeles, The Episcopal Church, Anglican Communion

¨Applying the neutral principles of law approach, we conclude that the
general church, not the local church, owns the property in question.¨ read it all, click here:

ATTENTION Bishop Orombi of UGANDA: ¨The General Church, NOT THE LOCAL CHURCH, own the property in question¨...please vacate our buildings immediately and go back to Uganda and stop the WITCH HUNTS at all levels of society that YOU have instigated against LGBT Anglicans/Christians and others! You harm and deceive your fellow human beings and your home culture is rampant with criminal activity, civil war and corruption...heal thyself!

The California Supreme Court Opinion RULES in FAVOR of the Diocese of Los Angeles, read the entire opinion, click here:

ATTENTION Bishop Venables of ARGENTINA: Please remove yourself from The Episcopal Church Buildings at The Dioceses of San Joaquin, San Diego and Northern California. Do not take anything with you as you scurry back to the Province of The Southern Cone(alone) where your failed ministry has little following and where your fear-hatemongering ¨takeover¨ campaign has failed there too.

Official Statement from the Diocese of Los Angeles which applies to ALL Episcopal Church properties in the State of California...read it all, click here:

Go home Orombi and Venables, repent, it´s your choice, Love Thy Neighbor and stop attempting to exclude other Christians at all levels of Churchlife...it´s illegal and immoral to steal.

·Thanks to Bishop Jon Bruno, Diocese of Los Angeles
·Thanks to The California Supreme Court
·Thanks to Walking With Integrity
·Thanks to OUR devoted and greatly trusted friend FATHER JAKE (and life partner Father Terry)
·Thanks to Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and assistance from TEC
·Thanks to Flickr Photosharing


Göran Koch-Swahne said...


... and timely ;=)

James said...

Ah, Leonardo, ever the voice crying in the wilderness "REPENT ye brood of vipers!" :) You're my kind of guy.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

¨ever the voice crying in the wilderness¨ James

James, come visit the wilderness...you´ll love it here...we can shout and shout and nobody even notices (just to be sure we´ll do ALL our shouting in English)!

What a great day!


Cany said...

I'm dancing! This is SUCH wonderful news!

Orombi, Akinola, Jensen... well, the boys just lost their expensive toys.

Ahmanson and IRD are no doubt not dancing like I am.

Free at last!

Now, I wonder, can TEC file for court costs?

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Yes! Wonderful news Cany and Göran...come for a visit all and Göran can instruct us on the Swedish cries that work best!

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Great news! to start the new year. Thanks.