Jan 20, 2009

RENEWING THE AMERICAN PROMISE: President Barack Obama · Vice President Joe Biden

January 20, 2009 · Washington · District of Columbia · United States of America


Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--When President Obama walked into the Whitehouse with no Bush in it (and never mind that he only walked in to walk out the other side to the reviewing stand), I realized that all day that was the moment I had been waiting for--the Whitehouse to be reclaimed by someone who cares about America.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Oh Bonnie, that is beautiful...somebody that cares about America and Americans...it´s clear that God has now seperated the men from the boys...also, I feel the same way about Warren...I think he is a child who simply is interested in the sound of his own voice...his prayer was for him and not for anyone else...clear as a bell...nothing.

David G. said...

On the Funny Side,..The National Southern Baptist Convention, denounced the prayer as being, ... too mild for Today's World.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

too mild for Today's World...David G.

True, oh, how true, the world of murderous white bigots and thieving Republicans (always a reminder of the days/daze of lynchings in the South and recent money grabbing on Wall Street/beyond recollection)...it was such a shame that Warren failed to address the heterosexual divorce rate (highest amongst Evangelicals), the heterosexual perversions running rampant and the great sins of sloth, greed, fear, hate and the greatest of these...PRIDE! He could have started by following up on his personal ¨testimony¨ that he inserted for no apparent reason other that to glorify his own personal piety and therefore salvation.

Bonnie said...

Hi Leonardo--Warran is an abysamation (that's between abysmal and abominable). Having to watch him, Bush and Cheney were the low points of the day.

Each day we need to reclaim a part of the American heritage that these men and toadies like them have helped to destroy.

So, how was the ball? We were invited to a party but it is so insanely cold here at the moment that we decided not to go out. Even colder this morning and the healing service was cancelled.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

The ¨Ball¨ was filled with all the expatriots (even some Embassy folk who dared to declare themselves)...the food was not good, badly presented, buffet with servers of cold food...lines for wine (I don´t drink it but all beverages were at the same bar)...old white people dressed up for the chill as it was in the Convent Garden...one black man (20´s) maybe a Marine from the Embassy off duty...lots of endless speeches about our historical victory...and it was, it really was...I also watched the service at Washington Cathedral this A.M...I could only get it on Fox News (they are soooo offensive, and smileysnide especially Megayn Kelly)...anyway I liked the Sermon and the voices and it was nice to see the President at our house, again after St. Johns yesterday.

I was proud of McCain speaking up for Hillary Clinton this A.M...good for him (and I hope we never have to see Sarah Palin again...I bet he would agree with that too).

Grandmère Mimi said...

Leonardo, excellent. I love both photos.

Bonnie, Bush, Cheney? They were there? I didn't notice.

Cany said...

Those two photos say so very much.

And already, President Obama is starting to repair that which Bush broke. A fine start with Gitmo, the Rockies wolves, etc. We have a LONG way to go, but he hit the ground running as we all knew he would, even if he DID dance all night:)

I hope he gets some sleep.