Jun 28, 2008

All Wet? Not the Lunch Bunch!

Greetings from rainy Central America where we had a cozy and heartwarming luncheon get-together this afternoon in my studio/gallery/sala even though it's raining cats and doggers outside!

Our celebration HOY was in honor of Paul from Hawaii who celebrated his Birthday (we're not telling) and Judy and Gene who are still enthralled with one another on their 9th Wedding Anniversary (they dated/lived together for 9 years beforehand just to work the awkwardness out)!

Meet "Mom" who is pictured above...Mom, is Paul and Toms dear Mother from Hawaii and she's always a delightful addition to every social event...today she featured a oversized tunic/with optional belt all in handwoven tipica fabric (lots of gold metallic Ikats in this one).

Certainly you'll want to know that we had Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream (yes, a bit chilly) with a slice of Fresh Strawberry layercake with extra Whipped Cream and MORE Fresh Strawberries on top of it ALL for desert (it is the Land of Eternal Spring)...all those strawberries followed a Mexican Food Menu lunch (Cheese Enchildas/Mole, Tostadas Beef/Bean with Gucamole/shredded cheese and Fresh chunky fruit salad too...drinks first/lots of wine/hot coffee/tea/mineral water).
Ole' today!

We love to entertain and this afternoon we enjoyed the company of friendly and fascinating guests from both here and Washington D.C. (some of Riecken Foundation folks are in town http://www.riecken.org/ )..come visit, we'll have a party for you too!
Photo by Juan Carlos Castillo Fuentes

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