Jun 22, 2008

Introducing Everyones Friend Kenneth Wood

Recently Juan Carlos and I had a week-long "viaje" to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and beyond. We visited several "help" projects and all of them were amazing as there are many foreign volunteers, regular everyday modest folk, and many experienced professionals who are eagerly bringing Health Care and Learning Centers to very rural areas of Central America...one of these projects is Pueblo a Pueblo http://www.puebloapueblo.org/ and it's Executive Director is Kenneth Wood.

Kenneth Wood is a dashing, amusing, mature gentleman (two weeks younger than me) who is filled with enthusiasm and solid/practical growth ideas for the "Hospitalito" at Santiago de Atitlan serving the T'zutjil Maya community.

Juan Carlos and I enjoyed a fabulous lunch with Kenneth (it may have been the best Chicken Salad I've ever eaten) at his home just outside of Santiago...we look forward to seeing more of him soon and I hope you'll all explore the Pueblo a Pueblo link and see what REAL life is like here.
It's true once again, thank you Dorothy Johnson wherever you are, "The world around us should truly astound us and not cause us to whine and complain."


Caminante said...

¡Bienvenido al blogosphere!

Ah Santiago de Atitlan... fui allá en 1987... hace mucho, mucho tiempo.

Y eso está muy cool de ver todas las instruciones en español.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thank you Lee, and thank for being here with me...Abrazos, Leonardo

Jane R said...

What a lovely man. And you too, Leonardo. Looking forward to visiting the blog regularly!

Jane R (and Her Grace Maya Pavlova, F.B.E.) (Feline Bishop Extraordinaire)

fs said...

Kenneth Wood looks completely "present" -- alert, here, in the moment. Cool guy, and what wonderful things he's doing in the world. And the message of your friend Dorothy Johnson is exactly what I'm needing to hear these days. You have some excellent friends, Leonardo. :-)

Leonardo Ricardo said...

You have some excellent friends, Leonardo. :-) fs,

Oh, yes I do and I'm so happy that you are one too.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

All Hail Pavlova, Feline Bishop Extraordinaire! Will she be going to Lambeth is she on the been "good" list? Welcome Jane R!