Jun 20, 2008

"It's the way that we see things"

That's what my friend Dorothy Johnson would say to me over ten years ago when we were sitting in her walled-in grassy garden in Central America..."it's the way that we see things that makes the world be things"....she went on to say in a whispering sort of blue eyed way as she glanced up at the puffy soft clouds and we both motionlessly surrendered to Gods "will" in the vastness of another beautiful day.

God scared me when I was a little boy sleeping-out in the backyard of Summertime....wide eyed staring into infinity while wondering just how big God could possibly be...I was nervous about letting such a big God close to me...I might fall into his arms and disappear and be made part of Gods eternity...I was still holding on, I was trying to control the world and life around me and make it "be" things because I couldn't "see" things.

I didn't "see things" for a very long time.
Painting, "Abundance"/ 4' x 4'/stretched panel/LR/2007


fs said...

Beautiful opening post, Leonardo. You write so well. Yes it's the way we see things, and we're blessed if we see more and more as we go along. I love the way you describe the things you see.

What an amazing, vibrant painting. I can't even imagine your technique.

This will be a great blog to visit! God bless you, amigo.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

THANK YOU fs! It was you, remember you said I ought write a book, and Father Jake that have encouraged me...this is fun, and I hope you're continuing to feel better/stronger everyday away from that serious surgery.


Padre Mickey said...

Yea! Welcome to the Blogosphere! I've already linked to you and put up a post to direct everyone here.
Great opening post, as fs said.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Padre Mickey, you've discovered me...it feels sorta like sitting at the lunch counter at Schwabbs Drug Store!

Paul said...

Welcome to the world of blogging in your own space. May the experience be filled with blessings and wonderful surprises.

Matty Boy said...

Bienvenidos, Leonardo, from one of Padre Mickey's gringo pals.

Beautiful paintings.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Thanks Paul, thanks Mattyboy...please stop in and add to the "surprises" anytime.