Jun 29, 2008

When You're Hot You're Hot!

Greetings everyone and please meet our friend John Holden who was recently visiting in Central America with his wife Jenn...we love having the Holdens as house guests because they're alive, full of adventure (and cook wonderful surprises!) and they are FUN...this time John and Juan Carlos went on a early morning climb up to the top of the volcano...as you can see our volcano is the REAL thing! Meanwhile Jenn and I shopped for unusual handwoven fabrics as she's working with some local folks/ladies on a fundraising sewing/help project.
While Jenn and John were here they prepaid a three months stay in a lovely apartment not far from our house (just a few blocks away) for end of the year/beginning of next year...they'll be arriving back with us in time for the Holidays so we'll deck the Halls together and I know they plan to be active at a local orphanage too.
Photos by Juan Carlos Castillo Fuentes

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