Jun 24, 2008

"Family Planning" for Saturday Lunch and You Are Cordially Invited to Attend!

Greetings friends/family, Have you met (left to right) Dulce Serena, Frida and Fido? You'll love them (and don't forget the 26 chirping birds not photographed)...Our entire family joins me and Juan Carlos in inviting you to Sacatapequez, Central America for lunch...we're very busy usually, but, pictured here, we're just hanging out plotting the festivities....speaking of hanging out, lunch will be served around 1:00 at my house ...we just this minute decided to serve (I knew you'd want to know) Cheese Enchildas with Mexican Mole-ole' and Beef/Chili heaping Tostadas, Mixed Fruit Salad (we're inclusive) and White Bean Soup...we are *known* in some parts of wherever it is that think we are for our Beef/Chili/Avocado heaped-up Tostadas, White Bean Soup and Cheese Enchiladas con Mexican Mole...we intend to strut/howl our stuff as we stuff...ole'
There are many reasons to celebrate this Saturday including the birthday of our dear friend Paul from Hawaii and the Wedding Anniversary of Judy and Gene from Ft. Lauderdale (all have homes here and please, no gifts)...there will be lots of friendly faces (the guest list is around 30 already) including some visitors from La Fundacion Riecken headquarters in Washington D.C..
(you don't know about RIECKEN? You don't know about Senor Allen Anderson? You haven't met Paul Guggenheim? Really, it's time you catch up with things and investigate what's happening in the REAL world!)
You're all invited this Saturday (call or send-email) and we'll set another place at the table just for you...we're a casual and friendly lot and we'd love to include YOU !

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Padre Mickey said...

Muchisimas gracias por la invitación, but we must beg off, as it is a bit of a drive and the car has been acting up lately.

The menu sounds delicious!