Jun 21, 2008

"The World Around Us Should Truly Astound Us and NOT Cause Us to Whine and Complain"*

I live at the foot of a volcano...it's a active volcano that often flairs up and creates quite a sight/site (and sometimes fright)...when I first moved out to the "campo" I didn't realize how CLOSE I was to this thundering and powerful natural force of life...One night/very early morning the volcano fully revealed its powerful self to me and I fled from my bed...a bold, bombastic and firey experience to behold that enhanced a unexpected quality of extra character to my life...the mysterious erupting volcano added a measure of courage to my being that helped illuminate my understanding of the world around me...the world around me and my desire to accept Gods "will" for me in it...acceptance of REALITY is good for a person like me because I gain on courage when I look the volcano right in the eye (which only can be done when facing it full on and is more difficult to accomplish when hiding under the bed), and not in my minds eye of dread.

*Dorothy Johnson from Scotland/1990's
Painting, "Fuego Volcano" 4'x4' on mounted panel/LR/2007

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