Apr 22, 2013

PRESIDENT-ELECT of PARAGUAY: Horacio Cartes compares gay people to ¨monkeys¨...

Horacio Cartes -- Does he believe it's the end of the world in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.A.?
Paraguay voters on Sunday elected Horacio Cartes of the conservative Colorado Party as their new president.
The 57-year-old Cartes beat Efrain Alegre of the Liberal Party by 9 points.
In his acceptance speech, Cartes, with the Paraguayan flag wrapped around his neck and tears in his eyes, said he would be the president of all Paraguayans.
“I didn't come to work alone, this country is going to make strong progress once we all realize we have to work together,” Cartes, a businessman, said.
Cartes' election dampens the hopes of gay rights activists lobbying for passage of a marriage bill.
In a radio interview last week, Cartes compared gay people to “monkeys” and said that when being gay became normal he would begin believing in the “end of the world.”
“I still believe in normalcy and if someone chooses to, well, everyone does what they want with their life, but take it to normal and I think I'll start believing in the end of the world. Let's maintain normalcy, and whoever wants to be happy swinging from branch to branch, can return to monkey.”
He went on to threaten harm to himself if his son were to marry a man.
“I would shoot myself in the balls, because I do not agree,” he said during the interview with Radio Chaco Boreal. “I'll shoot my own balls, sincerely! [My son] isn't short of anything in life.”

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