Apr 2, 2013

FIRST DAY BACK TO THE GYM: Juan Carlos gave me a gift (pre-paid-membership at the local torture chamber)

So here I am, well, the picture isn't me, but I'm here at the foot of volcano looking a little intense (not as mean as this guy)!

It's true, I gotta get down to the business of getting fit again.  A few years ago I had several eye operations.  Therefore, coward that I am, I spent lots of hours/days in/around my bedroom and studio, sometimes isolating but that is not easy when one loves people (as I do, mostly).  I was also eating whatever I wanted to, you know, to feel better, to help cure my eye.  I'm great at pretend,  it's sooo multi-purpose if you really get into it.  Rush, fret, rush, twist and shout! Well, all that is history now as my dear devoted pal Juan Carlitos gave me a gym membership for Happy Easter (happy gym bunny to you too as he also treated himself to one).

I received it last night (after returning from a great dinner party) as Juan Carlos was home after a overnight house/dog sitting gig was cancelled.  So, in I came. Rolling in after a wonderful dinner amongst wonderful people (and a well-known Architect and fab/talented Designer from NYC who said wonderful things about my work and may order some custom art-- I had a little more dessert in celebration) and the free-for-all food frenzy/party is over.  Kerplunk. Stop, look and listen. HALT!

Juan Carlos presented me with my reality -- a gym membership.

Today was the first day back in YEARS!

I loved it.

Thanks to Juan Carlos and all of you for being my friends.  Plump or not, ready or not...just as I am (and I might be in a few months).

I send you my love (don't mention any See's Easter Eggs should you have hunted them down)

Happy Easter and Passover everyone,



JCF said...

Good luck, Len!

I've been on&offing w/ working out for years, now. But I always feel better when I'm *on*.

Leonard Clark said...


I know. It's always better. I had a trainer everyday in Puerto Rico at 6:00 A.M. (InterContinental Hotel Spa on the beach--lovely venue) for years up until I retired at 62. I looked great but he warned ¨you don't want to see what happens when people who go to gym, have great bodies, STOP working out! Well, I have found out in the most recent years of STOPPING! But, it is amazing how much better I felt, just one time, yesterday, starting to get back in the groove...today, I'll go again. I'll be 70 in the late Summer and it would be fun to look/feel wonderful again. I think I can do it but the carbs have to die down and the white sugar vannish (I use a crude brown sugar for my one cup of coffee but sometimes I eat ice cream or buy a candy bar -- then, I trigger addiction). Thanks for your comment, I love the support (and hearing from you). Len