Mar 14, 2013

THE BISHOP OF ROME - VAMOS A VER: ¨Bergoglio’s warmth instantly struck people as sympathetic, and indeed charismatic.¨

¨Pope Francis is warm, humble, and ready to shake things up. Christopher Dickey on the cardinal who managed to escape the taint of the church’s worst scandals.
Pope Francis, a.k.a. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is a very humble man with a very complicated history.
As an Argentine, the 76-year-old is the first pontiff from the Americas—anywhere in the Americas. Indeed, he is the first non-European pope since the first millennium. His fellow cardinals had gone to “the end of the world” to find him, he said with winning modesty in his first remarks from the balcony at St. Peter’s.

Argentina’s Jorge Bergoglio, elected Pope Francis I, appears at the window of St. Peter’s Basilica's balcony after being elected Wednesday the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church. (Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty)
He is also a Jesuit, part of that order of brilliant scholars (think of their Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., for instance) and historically an order of conspirators whose leader used to be called the Black Pope, a power behind the scenes in the internal politics of the Catholic Church...¨

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