Mar 27, 2013

SHE WAS GRATEFUL FOR THEIR KINDNESS: Edie Windsor has overcome, no matter what the Court decides.

Edie Windsor, 83 year old widow

My Heart Broke a Little Today

83-year-old widow Edie Windsor is suing the government to strike down DOMA, and today was her day in front of the Supreme Court. She spoke on the sidewalk afterward about the heart attack she had not long after her wife Thea’s death and how the government had treated their relationship like it never existed.
What moved me most was her description of how she’d been closeted for so many years, and how she was so grateful today for the kindness in how the Justices treated her.
She was grateful for their kindness.
Take a moment to realize that for most of her life, this kindness — this civility and dignity and respect — was something she and Thea had no reason to expect. It breaks my heart with regret at what these women had to live through, and it breaks my heart with joy that this heroine has never let it overcome her. Edie Windsor has overcome, no matter what the Court decides.
This is a precious moment in the struggle for dignity. The dignity our elders were denied, the dignity they fought for and won, the dignity we feel today, and the dignity we’ll pass down to those who are now only kids, starting to wonder if they’re gay, and taking hope from the courage of this tiny 83-year-old lady.
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JCF said...

I really wish Edie's lawyer had thrown Edie&Thea's example in the FACE of Justice Samuel "This isn't as old as cell phones or the internet!" Alito: "Listen, Mr Justice @sshole, if Edie&Thea didn't have that piece of paper---conferring LEGAL RIGHTS---until 2007, it wasn't for THEIR lack of trying, was it???" [Thea asked Edie to marry her---and was accepted---in *1968*]

Leonard Clark said...

There is a very unsavory group of men with glaring character defects on the court now...easy to spot, plain bull-headedness, ugly cockiness, exaggerated smugness...such arrogance is disgusting and unfortunately, for them and their like, they will leave a legacy of a era known for unthinkably tainted decisions and plain substandard behavior directed toward fellow citizens both in and out of court.