Mar 17, 2013

DEMOCRATS ABROAD/GUATEMALA: Sizzling Socializing, Welcoming, Engaging, Sharing and Friendshipmaking!

The upstanding standing committee is charged with socializing Democrats Abroad
Yesterday was the annual meeting of Democrats Abroad, Guatemala, Central America, Chapter.  The Meeting was called to order and we proceeded to thank our outgoing board of officers and then we promptly reviewed our past years performance.  We, at least I am, taking large credit for the reelection of President Barack Obama because my absentee ballot mailed off to Orlando, FLORIDA surely made a difference (at least for him).  The NEW board of directors and executive committee was unanimously approved (after being vetted by our committee right here in Guatemala)...a group of notable citizens and good friends were elected with ALL eyes cast toward taking back the House of Representatives in 2014.   

As the meeting pressed on, it was determined that we ALL also wish to connect with some of the 50,000 other Norte Americanos and duo/American-Guatemalan citizens (as in United States of North America) who we don't know!   50,000 Americanos is quite a number to attempt to locate and invite to our get-togethers at Democrats Abroad/Guatemala, but, heck, they elected me ¨social committee¨ chairperson to help do it!   What a challenge this was and so I immediately connected with my friend Caroline from Santa Maria de Jesus,  and she, graciously agreed to be cochairperson.  Our committee is made up of several  fabulous/enthusiastic Americans -- Brittiny, Letty, Burt, Shannon and Lynn.  We intend to make like,  love and not war (or bore)!   If you know of ANY Americanos living in Guatemala who may wish to be connected to Democrats Abroad (some very cool people are Democrats around here) please refer them to me so I can invite them to our upcoming luncheon on Saturday April 6th!  We ofcourse are a bi-lingual lot (mostly, somewhat) and everyone is welcome (besides we're going to have some really terrific parties, once a month, all year, and any red-blooded and full-fledged, and honorable, equal-opportunists won't want to miss out)!

Leonard Clark Beardsley
santosiempre at y and hoo dot you know what!

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